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  2. Our Tucson friends with the Arizona Mule Deer Organization are in need of mentors for the October 4th - 7th deer hunts in 37B and 33. To sign up to be a mentor simply email Tim Hendrickson (tim 'at' trhlandscape.com) and Tim will add you to the list. As they get closer to hunt they will be sending out more details for camp location. What's important is to get your name on the list with Tim to get updated with details as we get closer to the hunt. Unit 37B & 33 Youth Camp: Date: October 4th - 7th (Thurs. night through Sunday) Camp Location: Willow Springs Road area (TBD) in Unit 37B Although the camp will be in 37B it is open for unit 33 hunters to attend. Meals will be provided for Mentors. NOTE: You do not need to know either unit (37B or 33), more importantly they need folks that will be able to mentor a youth in the field with how to hunt. As mentors, if the hunter harvests an animal please be ready to help show them proper methods of cleaning and getting their animal back to camp. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration in helping our future generation of sportsmen and women. Cheers, cmc
  3. My fellow public land advocates please take note of the new bill, HB2210, that just cropped up in our AZ state legislation - https://www.azleg.gov/legtext/53leg/2R/bills/hb2210p.pdf "DIRECTING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL TO COMMENCE AN ACTION TO ATTEMPT TO GAIN OWNERSHIP OR CONTROL OF THE PUBLIC LANDS WITHIN THIS STATE" Text of the bill.... REFERENCE TITLE: public lands; ownership; control; litigation State of Arizona House of Representatives Fifty-third Legislature Second Regular Session 2018 HB 2210 Introduced by Representatives Finchem: Allen J, Barton, Bowers, Boyer, Clodfelter, Cobb, Cook, Farnsworth E, Grantham, John, Kern, Lawrence, Leach, Livingston, Mitchell, Norgaard, Nutt, Payne, Rivero, Shooter, Stringer, Thorpe, Toma, Townsend, Weninger, Senators Allen S, Borrelli, Burges, Farnsworth D, Griffin, Kavanagh, Petersen, Smith AN ACT directing the attorney general to commence an action to attempt to gain ownership or control of the public lands within this state. (TEXT OF BILL BEGINS ON NEXT PAGE) Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona: Section 1. Public lands; ownership and control; attorney general; analysis; litigation; delayed repeal A. On or before September 17, 2018, the attorney general shall analyze at least the following legal theories that this state may pursue to attempt to gain ownership or control of the public lands within this state: 1. The equal sovereignty principle, which recognizes that for a federal republic such as the United States to function, each member of the republic must be equal in sovereign power. 2. The equal footing doctrine, which recognizes that each state must be admitted to the United States on an equal footing with the original thirteen states. 3. The compact theory, which recognizes that a compact was formed between this state and the federal government under which this state agreed to allow the federal government to retain land within its borders and the federal government agreed to promptly and completely dispose of that land by sale or grant. 4. The property clause, which recognizes that the framers of the United States Constitution intended to grant the power to regulate federal lands only in the context of disposal, not to permanently retain the majority of the land within a state. B. On or before October 1, 2018, the attorney general shall submit a report of the attorney general's analysis pursuant to subsection A of this section to the president of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives. C. On or after November 1, 2018, and after consulting with the president of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives, the attorney general may commence an action to attempt to gain ownership or control of the public lands within this state. D. This section is repealed from and after September 30, 2026.
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    SB 1182 Ban of Lion and Bobcat Hunting

    And now we know who's backing Farley. It's the Humane Society of US! We're not playing with little league amateurs, this is full blown professionals that would be coaching Farley and calling the shots on bills like this. Like I said before - this needs to get hunters attention!
  7. cmc

    SB 1182 Ban of Lion and Bobcat Hunting

    This part is well said. Although I don't feel we need ranchers and farmers to take this on for us.
  8. cmc

    SB 1182 Ban of Lion and Bobcat Hunting

    California hunters said the same when the ban on hunting lions came around. Michigan hunters said the same when the ban on dove hunting came around. Hunters said the same when wolves were introduced. Target shooters said the same thing when the Forest service said they were shutting down Tucson Rod and Gun. 4x4 & off road enthusiast said the same when they heard the Forest Svc was going to blade the Charlou Gap. Please understand I'm not calling you out specifically when I quoted you. Wasn't meant that way. It's that I'm reading comments just like that all over the place and I'd hope people understand the severity of this bill being submitted. Over the years I've watched too many people crossing their arms and saying - it'll never happen - while people like Farley walk around them and get their agenda completed. Folks working with Farley know it'll just take time and they have deep pockets to keep driving the agenda forward while sportsmen pound away on social media saying it'll never happen. Be sure that if you live in, or know friends that live in Az District 9 they best be writing Steve Farley because he represents YOU/THEM when he submitted the bill. Those folks can contact Steve via his email Steve@FriendsOFarley.com (and his web page http://www.friendsofarley.com/). Ask him why he feels there is need for the bill and what his justification is? Advise him you do not support this as your representative. Lastly - if you know of someone that's up for running against him I'd love to talk with that person.
  9. A reminder that seats are limited so get your hunters registered soon so they will be able to partake in the camp. Cheers, cmc
  10. Registration is open for the first ever 34A youth deer & javelina camp. The camp is hosted by the Tucson Chapter of the MDF and runs October 7th - 9th. Hunters need to register as spots are limited: https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/88674 If you know one of the lucky tag holders please forward this information on. Feel free to email youthcamp@cmccotter.org for any questions or issues getting registered. Thank you, cmc Chris McCotter
  11. Friends in Conservation, I need your help! I need mentors for a youth deer/javelina camp we are putting on in unit 34A. You need not know the unit as we'll give you areas to take a youth hunter. What I need is mentors to show our future hunters the in's and out's to hunting deer and javelina. To sign up simply PM or email me (chris "at" cmccotter "dot" org) Unit 34A Youth Camp: Date: October 7th - 9th Unit: 34A (https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/units/tucson/34a) Camp Location: Gardner Canyon Area (about 4 miles north of Sonoita) Meals will be provided. This camp is somewhat last minute, as well a first for this unit, so I appreciate your patience as things get organized. I entertain any questions you might have so do not hesitate on shooting me an email or Private Message. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration in helping our future generation of sportsmen and women. Cheers, cmc
  12. cmc

    Dear Game and Fish. . .

    Here's the number of bucks taken in 11M recently. Pretty substantiation upward trend if you ask me. 2010: 4 2011: 19 2012: 50 2013: 65 2014: 67 Most impressive item... in 2012, of the 50 bucks taken out of the unit, 5 of them were whitetails.
  13. cmc

    Units 1/27 Turkey Youth Camp

    Heads up that HWY 60 west of Globe between mile posts 235 & 227.... ADOT is advertising it will be closed down Tue & Thur 9am to 1pm. http://www.az511.gov/adot/files/traffic/index.jsp?index=0&timeFilter=beyond