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  1. Wetfinn


    A buddy of mine who was a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant shot himself in the hand with mine back at Ft. Bragg. He was okay after surgery, never lived it down! It was his own fault for not clearing the pistol properly. Good luck on the sale, they are fun little shooters
  2. Wetfinn


    If this has the bolt carrier group and charging handle I will take it. PM sent
  3. Wetfinn

    Bed liner spray

    Bedliner Veterans (480) 559-1177 Paul Brewer. He has sprayed a bunch of custom stuff for me. Always phenomenal work. Best prices. Mika
  4. Wetfinn

    Looking to buy a youth hunting rifle

    I have my son's Remington 783 in 308. 3x9 scope. 3 magazines. He killed his first deer with it using the hornandy youth loads (125g). It is up in Idaho. I come down to the valley to work in Sells, AZ every month. I could have it down there in a few weeks if interested. $400. He has outgrown it and is ready for a Tikka 30-06. 2 Years old. About 200 rnds through it. Mika
  5. Wetfinn


    Can you send me the contact info? Did not see it on CL. Thanks Mika
  6. Wetfinn

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    I will take it. PM Sent Mika
  7. Wetfinn

    1994 Suzuki sidekick 4x4

    I sent a PM. Mika
  8. Wetfinn

    WTB Made In AZ Deer call

    Looking to see if anyone knows of any good ole fashioned Made In the USA (preferably made in AZ) deer grunt calls. I want to send my money to local businesses when possible. Thanks for the help. Mika
  9. Wetfinn

    Mission Crossbow

    Yes that is load range C. That is the standard load range for trailer tires. The trailer bought is a type I had never seen before. It will be my hunting trailer as I can camp out of it or even turn it into a portable blind. I am going to strip it and pain it camo. Put a platform on top to shoot from as well. I flipped the axle to give it more clearance and went to 10 ply tires for side wall protection.
  10. Wetfinn

    Mission Crossbow

    Mission Sniper Lite Crossbow Pro Package $800 Under 7# weight 9 bolts with 100g field tips Hawke illuminated reticle scope Padded Mission case Bought 6 weeks ago brand new. Awesome crossbow. Chronos at 304FPS. My 9 year old son can shoot 2 inch groups at 50yds. I have been able to shoot about 1 invg groups. I am going to go a different way and can't have 2 crossbows. Wife would frown on that. Open to offers or trades. *Updated* Trailer tires are sold. Thanks Located in Chandler by the mall. Text or call 360- eight seven zero 31 five five Thanks Mika
  11. Wetfinn

    Youth rifle for my daughter

    I finally found a youth 308 for my son at Cabelas in ID last month. I had been looking all over the place, in multiple states, and no one stocked youth rifles. I got him a Rem 783 scoped combo for about 325$. Good luck in the search!
  12. Wetfinn

    Lyman 1 Step Clay Pigeon Thrower

    PM Sent. I will take it. Mika
  13. Wetfinn


    PM Sent