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WTB Ecollar

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Outdoordogsupply.com has Garmin Delta XC and XC sport that are refurbished at really good prices. Don't worry about the refurbished part. I have owned 10+ Garmin products refurbished for over 10 years no issues. I run dogs and run the Delta XC sport from them and an ASTRO 320 and DC50S. Never an issue. I have also had multiple family members and friends buy the refurbished Deltas never 1 issue and great company with fast shipping. If you are in the east valley and want to try a remote and collar let me knownill let you borrow one to test tonsee if it works for you. Just PM me. I have a spare as one Dog has shattered paw and broken ankle from last time out hunting.

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 If you’re new to using an e collar I highly suggest training yourself before you train your dog. I’ve had great results with an e collar used properly and I’ve seen dang near animal abuse from them incorrectly. 

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