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Rafael fire

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saw this on inciweb good news



South Garland Prairie “GO” Order Downgraded to “SET”

Rafael Fire Wildfire
Announcements – 5 hrs. ago

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that we are lifting the “GO” evacuation order of the residents living in the South Garland Prairie neighborhood. The Southwest Incident Management Team that is managing the Rafael Fire has determined that the status and condition of the fire at this time is no longer an imminent threat to the South Garland Prairie neighborhood and has recommended allowing residents back into their homes.

Residents returning to the South Garland Prairie will return to a “SET” status. The Incident Management Team and the Sheriff’s Office reminds residents that the conditions and status of the fire could change at any time resulting the return of a “GO-evacuation” status. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will communicate any change in status as soon as possible.

The Sheriff’s Office will begin the re-entry of the South Garland Prairie residents at 5:00 PM today, June 26, 2021. Evacuated residents are instructed to report in person to deputies staged at the roadblocks on Forest Service Road 141 either east or west of the evacuated area. Residents will be required to show identification verifying their address before they are allowed entry.

Only residents will be allowed back into the evacuated area.  The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office will continue to patrol the area.  All members of the public are reminded to be mindful and cautious of the increase in traffic in firefighting apparatus and closure of the forest in and around the fire area. 
We thank you for your patience during this difficult time. 

Continue to monitor CCSO, Coconino County, Rafael Fire social media and official news releases for additional information.


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On 6/24/2021 at 3:03 PM, thegunsmith2506 said:

They evacuated South Garland so they could do back burns is what we were told.


13 hours ago, thegunsmith2506 said:

I talked to some of the guys on the fire last night. Sounds like they have it handled.


Both correct.  Good buddy of mine is on Mormon Lake Hotshots, assigned to the fire, and has been staying at our house in the evenings.  South Garland was evacuated for burnout operations and they contained the portion that was potentially threatening Flagstaff, after we were downgraded to "ready".  My boss is working closely with the IMT and resources are starting to be demobed already.  That's all great news!

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