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  1. Az_Outdoors

    Rafael fire

    Back burns tonight.
  2. Az_Outdoors

    Rafael fire

    No we are in the north section.
  3. Az_Outdoors

    Rafael fire

    At night we can see the glow coming from the canyon
  4. Az_Outdoors

    Rafael fire

    Picture of Rafael fire from our porch on Garland Prairie
  5. Az_Outdoors

    Wts cva Optum

    Pm sent
  6. Az_Outdoors

    first whitetail hunt in unit 8

    The fire is by JD dam
  7. Az_Outdoors

    Rifle for my wife

    I'm looking to purchase a rifle for my wife. She like's the Tikka lite in 7-08. Just wondering what everyone's thought on the rifle are and if anyone was considering selling one. Thanks
  8. Az_Outdoors

    Found 2 way radio in unit 8

    I found a 2 way radio in unit 8 today. If you lost one post or pm the area and a description of the radio.
  9. Az_Outdoors

    Watch those replaceable blades knives

    Recently I wanted to I do a euro mount for my wife and all I had was a used outdoor edge knife that was pretty dull. I tried running it over a steele and was really surprised how well it sharpened back up and lasted.
  10. Az_Outdoors

    Hunts for Hero's unit 8

    Pm sent
  11. Az_Outdoors

    Road Closures

    This used to be true, now we are finding quad tracks in places you think how in the @#$ did you get in here. Follow them back and then see. Anyone else notice how incredibly disgusting people are becoming? I am just blown away at the amount a trash and crap left behind in camp from "fellow hunters". It amazes me. We put out a camp fire yesterday that was left in a camp with flames still burning. It was a breezy day to top it off.
  12. Az_Outdoors

    Traditions .50 cal

    If sale falls through I will take it.
  13. Az_Outdoors

    7W Fire

    I'm pretty sure the Government fire is out. There was a good amount of rain in the area last Saturday and Sunday.
  14. Az_Outdoors

    Found dog

    Btw She Is Crate Trained, She Knows Sit And Shake, And Has Been Great Off The Leash. Sorry I Don't Know Why My Phone Is Putting Every Word In Caps.....
  15. Az_Outdoors

    Found dog

    Unfortunately That's The Way It Is Looking Right Now. The Rescue We Contacted In Cordes Jct That Scanned Her For A Chip Posted Flyers In A 20 Mile Radius From Where We Found Her And No Responces Yet. I Will Be Giving Her To The Rescue This Evening If The Owner Is Not Found Today. They Will Continue To Try And Find The Owners For Another Week Then She Will Go Up For Adoption. If Anyone Is Interested In Her Let Me Know And I Will Get You In Contact With The Rescue. She Is A Good Dog And I Would Probably Keep Her If I Didn't Have 4 Dogs Already.