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Free Plastic Storage Jars

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IMG_20210725_082717.thumb.jpg.a9787b82bb2f575d7501d81ac3ebe0ec.jpgThese were pretzel jars.

7.5" wide x 5" deep x 10.75" high 

I probably have over 100 of them.

I figured they are great for storing reloading brass, electrical parts (conduit fittings, wire nuts, straps, etc.), Plumbing parts (brass fittings, PEX fittings, straps, compression fittings, etc), or large quantities of nuts, bolts, misc.

They can easily be made into water or food feeders for small chickens, birds, etc.

They are FREE*. Didn't want to see them go to the trash.

I'm near Bass Pro in Mesa. Sorry, really don't want to deal with shipping. Pick up near my house.

Text 480 228-8380

*Another over priced item by Boarman03 😁





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Seek treatment, you have an addiction problem. Stick to buying ammo, pretzels are are woke

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