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7mm PRC

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Very interesting read and wondering how the new 7mm PRC does whenever it comes out. Hornady is a machine for these new calibers and I wonder how it will do in the 7mm family.


Backfire TV has a pretty good review on Youtube of the caliber (somehow that dude got a hold of one already!)

What do you think?


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My hat is off to Hornady's advertising devision.  They can really sell.  And, they R&D devision is second to none the last 10-15 years.  Nosler has come out with a few firebreathers, but Remington and Winchester have been sitting on their hands.  Heck, even Weatherby and Sig have released a couple new cases.  

But, that article is nothing but hype and misleading information.

The case drawing is showing it to be a long action cartridge.  Just a couple months ago, it was said it should fit in an XM or LA.  3.4"+ is definitely LA length only.

Claims that the 7 PRC will outrun a 7RM.  Then claims it is a ballistic twin to the 7SAUM.  (The 7SAUM is a ballistic twin to the .280AI.  Which is outrun by the 7RM).  Claims the oldwives tail of the dreaded "belted mag" 7RM not being able to be reloaded but a few times (I have 11 and 12 firings on my R-P 7RM brass).  Claims the 7PRC will feed better than the 7SAUM because the case has a "lower 30° shoulder angle" (so does the 7SAUM?).

I think this cartridge will take off, with as popular as the 7SAUM and .280AI are, especially if Hornady can get Lapua on board to make brass.  ADG already makes 7SAUM brass, and also 6.5PRC amd .300PRC brass, so no change if they make 7 PRC brass too.  Peterson makes 6.5 & .300PRC brass already, so I am sure they will jump on 7PRC brass also.  I still feel Hornady brass is very lacking, so jist getting factory ammo (even if it is Hornady) will be advantageous to a lot of guys wanting a new flavor of medium capacity 7mm.  

If you are a handloader already, there is a world of medium 7mm that are already available, even a lot with proper headstamped brass.

I look forward to seeing how it performs.

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I read the specifications for the case and its slightly shorter than a 7 mm RM but slightly fatter, +/- 2 /3 thousandths.

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