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Two Spot and Stalk Archery Antelope!

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I was fortunate to draw two archery antelope tags this year, in two different states, and killed both bucks within 8 days of hunting, 10 days apart! Both bucks were taken by spot and stalk, and this now makes my third spot and stalk archery antelope buck, all in 3 different states. I feel fortunate to get to hunt these beautiful animals, and even more fortunate to be able to harvest on both hunts!


First buck was taken in NM, after an extremely eventful and exciting hunt. My strategy was to belly crawl as close as I could get, and then wait. As luck would have it, the buck finally came to me. One shot, quatering through the front shoulder and out the paunch as he faced me nearly head on. He ran 50 yards and dropped. This is my best archery antelope!






Second buck was taken in UT the following week. It was a short hunt, the big one got away, but this buck had a good look to him and was very nice compared to the quality of bucks I was seeing in the unit. One shot, quatering away, through the last rib and up into the opposite front shoulder as he fed unaware of my presence. He ran 60 yards and fell for good!






Here is the full story for the first buck NM Buck

Here is the full story for the second buck UT Buck




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Congratulations on both bucks. Taking both with archery just blows my mind. Your hard work paid off as is clearly seen in your great photos. Thanks for sharing. :)



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Excellent post and congratulations on your success!

Looks like you made the very best of a good situation!

Great looking speed goats.

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