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Archery Antelope Success!!

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Recently I received a call from an individual that was hunting unit 1 archery antelope and wondered if I had a little time to throw his way for some help. We agreed that we would hunt the last three days of the season in hopes the pressure would be a little less since Labor Day would be over. We knew we had a tough task at hand to try and kill an antelope with a bow in three days when the success rate of the hunt is under 5% and those individuals get to hunt for 14 days. It was an awesome three days. While standing at the truck with the antelope loaded Andrew look at me and said are you going to put this on your blog? I told him "Sure Thing" but I wanted him to write up the story part from the hunters side since people get sick of always hearing it from my prospective, and he agreed. Here are his words on the whole situation "When I drew a 2012 archery Antelope tag in AZ I knew it would not be easy. I scouted a lot of weekends and knew where to find large numbers of Antelope. I had no idea how hard it was once I got out! I hunted 4 days with help from a couple friends with no luck. No shots. Nothing. I decided I needed to hire a guide so that I may have a chance to fill a tag that took 9 years to get. I contacted Shane at Koury Guide Service and we went out. He took me in spots I had not previously been in and we got on animals right away. Day 1, pulled back but no shot. Day 2, I missed! Day 3, I shot this one!! I had such an AWESOME experience hunting with Shane and Koury Guide Service that I can't wait for any tag so that I can hunt with him again. Shane is a MACHINE! He knows more than most hunters out West combined! And his enthusiasm and love for hunting is seen every minute you are out with him. He absolutely goes the extra mile to make your hunt exactly what you want. I could go on and on about the experience I had on this hunt, but this would be long! If you want a great hunt, you won't find anyone better. Thank you so much, Shane!"P1000425.JPG


I would like to say that a guide is only as good as his hunters ability and Andrew made an incredible shot on this antelope or we would not have the success we did. Congrats and awesome shot Andrew, together we deified the odds and created another memory. On a side note after we walked up to the antelope we looked up on a ridge about 500 yards away and saw a hunter walking off the ridge toward us. The other hunter walked up and congratulated us on the success. He said it was the coolest thing to get to eat his lunch in the shade of a tree and watch the entire process unfold. He had found the antelope and then looked out and saw us watching the antelope also but from his vantage point it was wide open and no way to get any closer so he just kicked back and watched the show.5204296356815905627-3771099416691083262?l=kouryguideservice1.blogspot.com


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Congratulations Andrew. It sounded like it was a tough hunt. It's stories like this that make me a big fan of Coury Guide Service. The story was awesome and the pictures are great as well. Thanks for sharing. :)



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