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Well, after missing a nice Javy bow hunting early season, thanks to the new 2 bag limit I had rifle tag for this month down south. I only had 2 days to hunt (the last 2 days of the season) due to work, so I booked it down there right after punching out. I hit the tent around 11pm and rose before the sun. I hunted a spot I killed a brute Javy in '09, but nothing showed but a fox which I missed unfortunately. I spent the afternoon checking out the beautiful desert and ancient ranch houses. I decided that I would hunt near camp where there are washes and small hills to glass from. I set up for about an hour and saw nothing, so decided to give my varmint call a try. Maybe get a yote or a fox if not a pig. 15 mins of calling I spotted movement in the brush. It's a Javelina and he was now at 20yds! Too close for my REM .300 Ultra Mag, would've turned him inside out. So I grabbed my Ruger GP100 .357mag off my hip and snuck a little closer. I had a shot through a hole in a bush and let him have it. Even with 220 grain Buffalo Bore bullets he still managed to slip away. Now the light was starting to fade as started the track job. I knew he didn't go far but the dense brush made it a little spooky as I thought I hit him a little far back. I found him after 5 mins of searching and he was MAD! Jaw popping, lunging at me even with a shattered pelvis, and hackles straight up! One more hit of "Big Medicine" ( my .357) and One Happy Hunter. It was so much fun. I hunt alone often and sometimes that's just what I need. Kill or no kill I love AZ!




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Congratulations gut pile on a nice pig and a good write-up. I enjoy hunting alone once in a while. I started out that way back in the 70's and now hunt with a few friends. When hunting with friends I'm always trying to set them up to be successful before me so when I do get a chance alone I'm at piece with myself and can enjoy all the things god has created. My time in church so to speak.

Thanks for sharing and nice shooting from the hip. I can't hit jack with a pistol. :)



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