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What a weekend!!

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Had one of those weekends that you will remember for a good long while. One of my good friends decided to come out here to Az from Amarillo, TX and give Mearns hunting a go for the first time. We loaded the mutts up and headed south with fingers crossed.

The first morning started out great with good dog work under a flawless sky and even had a few birds in the bag. But after lunch, the sky decided it was time for a change and opened up and started raining pretty good on us.. After that, we were in for a treat. The dogs were pointing the coveys from an honest 100 yards away.. And coveys we found! We got into 9 more BIG coveys after lunch and wrapped the day up with both of us taking our limits and 11 coveys total to show for the soaking..

Day two put us about a mile or so from where we hunted the day before.. Fog in the morning and then blue bird skys and a high of 49 degrees was the call for the day.. And with that moisture on the ground from the day before, the dogs brought their "A" game for day two.. Points and coveys came easy this day for us. It was a day that will not be forgotten. We rounded out this day with 14 birds in the bag and plenty of memorable points from the pups.. Not too bad for a first time Mearns hunt! I kept telling him how lucky he was and that this was most definately not the norm for most Mearns hunts!!

The next day it was time for Brandon to head on home.. But before I took him to the airport, we made a quick trip before lunch just to the north of my house and got into a 40+ covey of Gambels.. Run and gun was the name of the game for these birds and we ended up with 5 for the effort.. Not a bad way to end an already fantastic weekend of Southern Arizona quail hunting!!


Virgil nailing a single to the floor up on top before the rains started..


Brandon walking into a rain soaked point..


A limit of beauty...



Desert Devils..




Boy, are we whooped Dad!! Let's call it a day!




thanks for lookin'!!

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Wow, it sounds like you sure did have a good weekend. I to went mearns hunting with a friend. We could only go a half a day so we didn't go to far from home but we did get into some birds. I love to quail hunt and I've been doing it for years but this is the first year I've gone for mearns so I'm still learning lots. Their sure fun to hunt and neat looking birds.

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Sounds like an awesome weekend there man. Congrats on all the birds and the pups look like they need a well deserved rest.

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thanks guys!!

From the look and sound of the upcoming weekend forecast, there is a very good chance at upwards of 9 inches of accumulated snow above 4800 ft.. If that comes true, you know where I'll be!! I have wanted to hunt those Mearns in the snow since I moved here..

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