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  1. IHunt2live

    Band Tailed Pigeons

    I was lucky enough to find a killer spot years right before they changed the bag limit, I limited out in about an hour. In southern Az, I usually see them in higher elevation in steep deep canyons with large pine trees, kind of like ones you would think turkeys would roost in. This particular year was after a large fire in the higher elevations of this mountain range and I found a pocket full of acorns and so the birds were thick. Haven't seen birds since in such a concentration since and haven't shot another one since.
  2. Like new, only used a few days in the field but decided to go a different route. $25 shipped
  3. IHunt2live

    Savage 111 270 Win

    TTT open for offers
  4. IHunt2live

    Savage 111 270 Win

    Selling my Savage 111 270 WIN I bought around 2008. I would estimate about 150-200 rounds fired through it. The rifle has some obvious ware from time spent in the field but they are mostly cosmetic. I was getting 1 inch group at 100 yards with Remington Core-Lokt 130 grains. FTF and asking $300 right now maybe willing to trade for a Ruger 10/22 I'm in the Douglas area but will be in Tucson a lot next week and could meet up in the evenings then.
  5. IHunt2live

    WTB 6.5 Creedmor

    I agree hard to beat the Ruger Predator. Great accuracy and price. Not a whole lot of talk about them and not very many places have them but you can find them is the Remington 700 SPS. Still a good value and a great start with options for upgrades.
  6. A distant family member gave me this gun and i have no use for it and I'm not the type to have safe queens. I'm aware of the condition issues but everything is there on the gun and it seems to function just fine. I've done a bit of research on it but don't know a ton. I hope someone can enjoy it. Open to offers.
  7. IHunt2live

    OLD buck

    Once a deer gets to the 8+ year old the variation makes it near impossible to know for sure. That being said I would guess he closer to the 12 year old range.
  8. IHunt2live

    OLD buck

    I went into this hunt a little more relaxed then i usual do, doesn't mean I didn't work/hike like crazy, but if I shot one great if I didn't who cares. Started off trying to get my wife a deer while she was 7 months pregnant. We tried moving in on a great buck but for some reason he slipped out before we could get into position leaving 2 smaller bucks behind. She was happy with one of the smaller ones and given her condition she filled her tag. Next came my brothers deer. He brought his 9 year old son along for the hunt which was kind of a new experience for me making sure he had a good time. He passed on a buck I figured was in the 90 inch range, which i gave him a hard time for. A few days later we went back and found the same buck and he decided to take it this time. it scored 95 inches. Sorry no pics. I had two days left on my own to take a deer. I went into some steep country I wanted to check out but hadn't being concerned about my nephew. It was about 2 miles in and about 1500 foot climb. I glassed up a decent 3x3 but I just kept looking. After a while I looked back at the buck when I caught a quick glimpse of this buck as he switched beds. I wasn't sure what he was but I had planed on switching glassing locations anyway that would take me closer for a better look. After getting to a closer vantage point I quickly picked up the smaller buck. after about 30min more of glassing I finally caught a glimpse of a deer through the trees. What gave him away was the movement of his jaw as he chewed his cud. I wasn't able to see his antlers but after watching him for a bit he got up and switched beds giving me a little better look. After studying him a bit I decided he was good for a second to last day buck. I had lots of time to set up prone. I knew this 400 yard shot would be a chip shot after all the practice out to 1000 yards. The wind was strange as it would gust 40-50mph then stop to just about nothing so i just needed to wait for it to calm down. I was also able to take the time and get it on video, I should have taken more time to get it in better focus but it was still cool. I was hoping for a least a mature buck and I would say I accomplished that. Its by far the oldest buck I've taken, his time was limited. IMG_5819.MOV
  9. IHunt2live

    Another Great Year

    Edited with a better Pic for you all.
  10. My computer took a crap so I am going to try to do my best to post this on the phone. Last year I was able to harvest a great buck, 110 inches, so this year I had a total different perspective going into the hunt. I told myself that I would relax more and would be just fine not filling my tag this year. I sometimes get way to uptight during these hunts so with the change in additued, and with the help of some downloaded podcasts for those long midday hours, I found myself just enjoying the experience more and passing on decent deer I would have normally shot. I didn't get drawn and the hunt I was hoping for didn't have any leftovers so plan C it was. Knowing that good deer can be found in ANY unit just because I had a leftover tag I wasn't going to settle for what some would call a "leftover buck" My time scouting was limited but had a few good bucks on the list and some good areas to look at. Well couldn't find the bucks I had on the hitlist so I tried a new spot that look good on day 6. Glassed him up at 1000 yards in his bed and didn't think much of him until he got up and I started seeing side views. I closed the distance by half and he helped out but closeing another couple hundred yards so about a 300 yard shot put him down. I was presently surprised with his size as he tapped out right around 107, and maybe an inch deduction in net. He's bigger then any of the other bucks I had found scouting and he makes a total of 217 inches of bone in 2 years for me on "leftover hunts". The pack-out... It SUCKED but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
  11. Going to post it on Ebay but thought I would offer it here first. It brand new never used just came off a tripod I bought and I'm using a different head. MSRP is $79.95. Asking $55 and I will cover shipping once funds are received. Link below for Specs. http://promaster.com/spec-sheet.html?catalog[name]=ProMaster-Professional-Ball-Head---BS-08-%233508-Tripod-heads&catalog[product_guids][0]=1095100
  12. IHunt2live

    Looking for advice in Unit 10

    Thanks for the pointers fellas. My father-in-law is no trophy hunter so he is very happy how the hunted ended. Saw bulls every morning and evening and saw more bulls then cows. They started talking pretty good on day three and we were slipping in on 4 bulls as they left their evening spots. Most had gone into the thick junipers before we got eyes on them but this bull was a bit slower and gave him a 300 yard shot. He started hunting Arizona 52 years ago and this bull finishes his Arizona Big 10. Elk has always been his Nemesis.
  13. IHunt2live

    AZGFD fubar in the white mountains

    http://azgfd.net/artman/publish/NewsMedia/Public-invited-to-grand-opening-of-Second-Knoll-Target-Range-on-Aug-27.shtml https://www.facebook.com/azgafd/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf