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Arizona Elk and Antelope New Scoring Method

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Most hunters are happy with being outdoors being with friends, family and hoping to fill the freezer. Others are trying to beat their last kill by getting one with a higher score. I have learned over the years it takes time, skill, preparation and most of all, lots of luck to harvest a wall hanger.

So, we have come up with a new scoring method for Elk, deer hunter’s need to multiply by 0.50 , Antelope hunter’s need to .25. Add up your score and tell us what you got on your last hunt,

  1. Made a lasting memory with my family & friends up to 100 points
  2. Youth were involved up to 100 points
  3. Weather cooperated up to 50 points
  4. Nobody got hurt up to 50 points (no blood at all gets all 50)
  5. Vehicle or ATV didn’t break down up to 50 points
  6. Killed an animal (one that you had a tag for) 50 points
  7. Killed one shot 50 points (this means you probably practiced, or got lucky)
  8. Got it to the freezer 50 points
  9. Wounded an animal that you didn’t tag minus 100 points
  10. Drank too much minus 50 points
  11. Other stupid mistakes minus up to 100 points

Based on our new scoring method I killed a 400 class bull (see below). #1 100 points, #2 100 points, # 3 50 points, #4 50 points, #5 50 points, #7 50 points = 400. What was the score of your last hunt?

Lets get ready for the 2015 Hunting Season. The Arizona Elk & Antelope applications for a tag is due by February 10th, but don’t wait until the last day because every year the system overloads on the last day, not because of Game & Fish but because most of us are Master Procrastinators.

If you need help in finding a good unit to put in for or need a guide, we can help you. Arizona is the top spot to hunt trophy elk on public land, and there is lots of it, so apply now. You can increase you chances of taking a big bull by using a recommended guide, but what is great about AZ, everyone that draws has the same opportunity. Need help Call us at 928-978-6139 and ask for me!

Here is the link to AZ Game & Fish

God bless and hope to see you in the field,

Eric Santana


Bulls from this last season

IMG951966-300x225.jpg IMG_0691-225x300.jpg

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450 for my daughter's elk hunt in 2014 for sure. Best elk hunt I have even been on. I would rather my daughter take an elk than I would. Best memories of an elk hunt I have ever had. My wife, brother and sister-in-law all got to be there too.

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