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Semi Custom 6.5x284 Norma

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I bought this rifle from another member about 2 years ago. I've fired about 30 rounds through it. The previous owner claimed to have around 250 through it. I don't have any valuable load information other than him saying it liked H4350. I tried H1000 because that is what I had and it easily shoots sub MOA. I bought this at the same time as a Sendero in 7MMSTW and that is where I've spent all my time so this has been sitting in the safe. I am no firearm expert but this is how the components were advertised to me.


Action is a Winchester Pre 64 long action

Stock is a McMillan Hunters Edge

Barrel is a 26" Krieger

Niteforce 20 MOA base

Warn Rings

The action has been bedded and there has been some trigger work done.


What comes with rifle

Brass. All Lapua

79 cases(1 and 2 times fired) Primed and prepped(GM210M)

150 once fired

80 brand new

35 loaded rounds


140 Berger Vld huntung. 2 unopened boxes

140 Accubonds. 2 unopened boxes and approx a third of a box


RCBS full length die set

Wilson precision seating die



Scope is a Vortex Viper HS-T with VMR-1(MOA). 4-16x44. comes with uninstalled zerostop shims/sunshade and everything else you get when buying new

******Please note. Scope will only be available separately if rifle buyer is not interested.*****


No trades at this time. Face to face only. I'm near Bass Pro


Rifle/all components/scope $2000.00


Rifle/all components//NO scope $1525.00


Scope Separate(if not sold in package) $475.00









Thanks for looking



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Any interest in selling just the barrel?

Uh.. Really? What is the serial number on the action?

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Looks like that action was made in 1949. Awesome rifle. Very tempting

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If I weren't building one, I'd buy it. Great gun, and great price for everything that's included.

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Steve brooks in Mesa Built this rifle it's very accurate with 140gr VLD and its a smoking deal on this rifle

1 (480) 272-4297 Steve sell

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