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  1. wayno945

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Kaibab deer tag for me!
  2. wayno945

    Idaho Draw

    Mine was pretty average, about 36" but the experience was pretty epic. NonRes odds in Montana are way less than 1%, and the moose populations are way down. No glory shot because his antler shoved into the ground.
  3. wayno945

    Idaho Draw

    Congrats. I was "not selected " for my sheep app. I killed a decent bull in Montana last year. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  4. wayno945

    Hunting other states

    Wyoming elk draw has already passed. Utah, Montana, and New Mexico deadlines are in March
  5. wayno945

    Idaho falls/Yellowstone help

    Maybe check out Devils Creek Reservoir near Malad, ID. It is right off the I-15 on your drive up.
  6. wayno945

    Idaho falls/Yellowstone help

    I stayed there on Memorial Day. Convenient access to the park but no fishing lakes around there that I saw. Lots of people fly fishing off the west entrance road but traffic gets really bad there with all the bison.
  7. wayno945

    Wyoming Draw Results Available

    Well arent you the human cornucopia of tags . . . Yeah I have had some great luck in drawing permits this year. I also apply in nine states to improve my odds.
  8. wayno945

    Went to buy an ATV at a dealer

    They were the best price when I bought my Commander several years ago.
  9. wayno945

    Wyoming Draw Results Available

    Probably the first week of October. Planning on stopping there on the way back from my Montana Moose hunt.
  10. wayno945

    Wyoming Draw Results Available

    Drew buck tags in 26 and doe tags in 108.
  11. wayno945

    Mountain Goat!!!

    That's awesome! I had a little bit of luck and drew a Moose tag in 111. What unit are you headed to?
  12. wayno945

    Email from NM Game and Fish

    15 Muzzy Elk for me
  13. Harvest report deadline is tomorrow so results could be out next week.
  14. They killed the online discount as well... in stores only now.
  15. Stoked here as well... 16B-22 2nd archery bull and 50-52 muzzy antelope