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Big game hunting, salt water style

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A couple buddies flew in from UT last week and we headed south.


First morning I spot some spouts and ask if they want to troll or go whale watching? They chose the later.




It was a little rough that day and one guy got sick so we headed in early and were rewarded with this sunset.




In the very late afternoon of the second day we were fortunate to hook into these during the last 45 minutes of the trip. We had a double on the 3rd and 4th fish but the 4th fish broke the swivel. Triple tails up.




The first hour and a half of the third day produced the same results as the day before. Another 4th fish was lost when it ripped the hooked completely out of the rapala. Triple tails up again.




These were two of the better pics of the weekend. It is so hard to get good pictures on a rocking boat with all the different shadows and close quarters.






Sunrise on the last day. Getting ready to pack up and head home.




Got home safe and sound. Buddies headed back to the airport. After getting on the computer I saw I was rewarded with a $135 charge from G&F. Icing on the cake

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Congratulations on the elk tag and thanks for sharing your fishing trip with us. Looks like a blast. :)



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