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  1. azpredator@work

    WTB pistol

    Geez dude - STFU. You should have reached out to me via pm if you didn’t have a pistol with so many inquiries to “save” all the poor souls that I’m entrapping. If my answer wasn’t clear then I encourage you to take a 2nd grade level ESL class. Ever occur to your DA that most used pistols come with a chunk of ammo with a holster and buying used and mailing the gun through FFL is actually cheaper than buying new? No, you just can’t stop that simpleton mind of yours to think only you know the laws of purchasing firearms. Good luck to you - no doubt you’ll need it in life...
  2. azpredator@work

    WTB pistol

    I thought I was clear when I said I moved out of state 2 years ago which indicates I’m not an AZ resident any longer. I purposely added my number and have nothing to hide. I know how to buy a gun legally. Here’s a thought - mind your own business 1 person has added to this thread. Nothing but trolls on CWT anymore...
  3. azpredator@work

    WTB pistol

    Up top
  4. azpredator@work

    WTB pistol

    Thanks Lance - hope you’re doing well! 😃
  5. azpredator@work

    WTB pistol

    Just throwing it out there...I’m sure there one that’s rough around the edges 👍🏻
  6. azpredator@work

    WTB pistol

    I lived here for 40 years. Moved a year and half ago across country...
  7. azpredator@work

    WTB pistol

    Hey boys - in town for a couple days. Looking to see if anyone has a semi-auto pistol for sale. Budget is $400. Would like a 9mm or 40cal. Would love a Glock 17, but open. Let me know. Thanks wade 202450nine847
  8. azpredator@work

    2020 archery coues harvest x2 video

    Nice video. Well done! 👍🏻
  9. azpredator@work

    Garmin Xero A1i Right Hand - Like New $550

    Sent you a text
  10. azpredator@work

    1st custom rifle w/ backstory

    Don’t recall the fed premium load. Ended up shooting the hornady eldx. Shot my buck at 250 yards. Was a tough hunt for me. I drove up there with 102 fever. I had the flu and strep throat. My eardrum ruptured the night in my tent before I killed my buck as well which was quite painful. It was a fork. He went about 8 yards from point of impact. Didn’t matter much - just wanted to fill my tag, make a memory and plan my move to Maryland!
  11. azpredator@work

    Desert Buck

    I’ve always cherished my own pics that I printed out better than those I purchased. Great idea and awesome pic!
  12. azpredator@work

    Two firsts

    Great job to both! Congrats!👍🏻
  13. azpredator@work

    2018 wyoming elk hunt

    Yep, all public land.
  14. azpredator@work

    Kodiak Island Sitka Blacktail

    Glad I saw this. Been dying to do the same hunt. Thanks for sharing and congrats on an awesome hunt!
  15. azpredator@work

    2016 HONDA PIONEER 1000-5

    El Diablo - playcraft is the make. It’s a stout trailer. I’d have to look at the title for the year. Nothing is wrong with it. Tracks perfectly. Tires are all good. They come with covers as well. Headache rack is welded to the front of it. Storage box on hitch for additional space. The secondary rack with the gas tank is bolted down so it can be removed if necessary. Floor has tie downs, tire ramps and I added a 2x10 to separate the front area for storage. The front area has lights on the frame wired to a battery held in the front storage box which is keyed to lock. This gives you plenty of visibility if you’re unloading at night like I usually am. The gas tank has a fuel pump wired to the battery so you don’t have to take extra tanks of gas and the mess that usually follows. Hitch is 2 5/8”. Trailer has seen Wyoming and a couple AZ hunts this year. Just returned from Flagstaff. Text me if you want it. I’m making plans for the move. Thanks