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Delorme vs Cell Phone vs GPS

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Cell phone apps have pretty much replaced handheld GPS. Screen quality and functionality is way better on a smartphone. Most apps allow maps to be downloaded to be used without cell signal. Biggest hurdle is battery life on your phone

To handle the battery life hurdle, I carry a portable charging device and cable. I'm able to fully charge my phone from dead to 100% 3x. It has 10000mAh. Also, make sure you're on airplane mode while out there to lessen the drain on the battery. GPS works on airplane mode.



Same here. I have the Photive Bolt that has 9000mAh to charge all my devices. It's drop proof and water resistant, and was only $40 on Amazon. I would like to pick up one of the Dark Energy units though. Slightly more power, seems more rugged and they are a hunting based company that I would like to support.

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I have a 20,000 mha battery with built in photo voltaic charger. I leave on the dash in cold weather and have yet to run it all the way down. I can charge my phone and steri pen at night and I'm good to go by morning.

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