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Savage .338 lapua optional vortex razor

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Hey guys, I bought this rifle when I lived up north for hunting bears and late elk hunts. Since moving and acquiring some different guns this has turned into a safe Queen and it's time to let her go.


It's a savage 110 FCP with the HS precision stock.


I took the rifle backpacking twice and it shows some wear on the stock, although nothing structural. All the metal is in great shape.


I had initially bought the gun and a plethora of different bullets to try and couldn't get it to shoot better than 1.25 MOA which was surprising, had a smith bed it which didn't help, ultimately savage took a look at it and replaced the muzzle break which evidently hadn't been sized quite right. As it was approaching hunting season I tried a few loads I had cooked up and a load with .300 grain SMK shot .75 MOA at 300 yards and I took it out and it replicated it 3 times so I felt good and hunted with it. I shot a buck at 85 yards (go figure) I had a buddy use the rifle later that year and shot a buck at 719.


I was a bit frustrated with the rifle prior to the fix (I hate load development) so I never worked with the gun again and stuck with the load as it was more than acceptable


The gun has a 20 MOA EGW rail which will stay on it regardless of the optic,


Components (some are bagged in ziplock bags and some in original packaging)


Brass - all lapua brand


26x unfired

12x loaded foulers (mismatch of bullets and powder charges from a box I spilled, always mark your cases!)

2x twice fired un prepped

23x twice fired and prepped

26x twice fired and cleaned

Threaded case for mesuring

(I might have a handful more floating around as I'm not sure where the other 11 went other than 3 hunting, but I also might not)



32 beger 300 grain

24 hornady 250 grain

34 Sierra game king 250 grain

54 Sierra Match King 300 grain

50 Nosler Accubond 300 grain


I also have a 2 die set of the Forster micrometer dies (these are fantastic dies by far my favorite set I own)


Carbon fiber gunslick 33 caliber cleaning rod


The rifle can go with or without the scope which is a gen 1 vortex razor 5x20x50 (34mm tube)


I think I have right at $2000 in the set up minus the scope obviously the brass isn't all new anymore and the bullets may not be what people want exactly but I think $1450 for everything minus the scope is a very fair price to give someone a great set up to get into a 338LM with reloading components and a variety of bullets to try.


I will likely keep the scope unless someone really wants it with the rifle, in that case I would take 1300 for the scope, level and rings bringing the total package to $2750.


I can't seem to find my book on this gun right now, but I kind of listed this on an impulse and have a few more places to check... I believe the round count is around 140 I would have to find the book before I verified an exact number.


Rifle broken in properly and always cleaned with a bore guide. And it's certainly killed everything it's hit in quite a hurry.


I've got a wedding to pay for so cash is king, likely not interested in trades but it doesn't hurt to ask.





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I feel like i hit a homerun on my savage 111lrh .338 lapua. Legitimate .4" @200 yards. I consistently shoot under .5moa out to 600 yards with 285gn amax. Bump it up for a serious elk cannon.

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With results out and tax money coming in somebody needs a new elk gun!


1350 for the rifle

2650 rifle and scope

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Would really like to sell this locally, I'll be driving to flagstaff this weekend, but I'll post it elsewhere if no one here wants it.

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Any more interest in this before I post it elsewhere?


1250 for rifle and components

1250 for scope

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You're right, thanks! It is a 35mm tube not 34

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Scope is sold,


Make me an offer on the gun and all the reloading components, before I decide to keep it.

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