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Thanks for the Memories Buddy! (pic heavy)

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 I have wanted to post this for a while and now that we wait for the new draw results, I thought I would share and reminisce.  

After completing the 2019 deer draw application for my son, this was the first time not being able to apply him for a Jr hunt. I now must come to accept my little man is becoming a man… and a great man at that. I could not be prouder of him in many things in life, one being an outdoors-man. Over the years he has grown and learned from the countless fishing/camping/hunting trips we have taken.  Last year he went out in style with the youth trifecta… successful youth turkey, elk and deer in the same year. This after many years of “successful tag soup hunts”, I say successful cuz I consider any hunt with my kids a fruitful adventure. 

Thank you for the memories buddy, now go make me some grand children to take hunting/camping… don’t tell his mom I said that ,  lol 

20190617_174242-1_resized (002).jpg

20190617_174316-1_resized (002).jpg

20190617_174350_resized (002).jpg

20190617_174426-1_resized (002).jpg

20190617_174458_resized (002).jpg

20190617_174538-1_resized (002).jpg

20180421_063954_resized (002).jpg

20181124_081739-1_resized (002).jpg

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Great post, My son is graduating and I'm feeling a little sentimental myself. Great job dad

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Good stuff right there! Its a challenge to get the kids out there these days! I am still getting my kids out there for the most part, but they have a hard time pulling away from the distractions (digital world) of today!  All i can hope for is later on down the road one my kids says 'dad do you want me to put you in for a hunt with me?' :) 

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