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  1. TwoGuns

    It’s complicated

    Thanks for this info. I think the benefit to my LT license would be lost if we put in together I suppose. I’m not too worried on the bonus point issue since my buddy has 2 points also. I’ll call G&F for clarification.
  2. TwoGuns

    It’s complicated

    After 40+ years as an AZ resident I recently moved out of state. Before I left I purchased a lifetime license. I now have a buddy I want to apply with for the elk hunt next fall. The question is what happens if we apply on the same app? Me with my lifetime license and him as out of state? I sort of assume we would both have to be in the out of state pool. Wondering if this is right, and if there are any other options I’m missing.
  3. TwoGuns

    First Az Archery Coues

    Awesome. Nice buck!
  4. TwoGuns

    6B Arizona Mule Deer hunt

    I think the area around turkey butte is good for deer. You may see both species. It is really nice area.
  5. Great info. I am looking at the Pelican 1750 right now. It’s expensive but looks like it’s solid. And I’ve heard differing thoughts on the ammo. It should be in its original box inside the case with the rifle? Or it should be separate?
  6. I have to believe this has been talked about before, but what advice would anyone share on flying with a rifle? What cases are worth the money? Locks? Things not to do? Im flying back to AZ to go to Mexico in January and have not gone through this before. thanks, Twoguns
  7. TwoGuns

    Thanks for the Memories Buddy! (pic heavy)

    Very cool. Makes me think of an old song... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5tdj2_KSGJ0
  8. I brought this up on here during the comment phase of the process. No one really seemed to care, but living in the verde valley, there is a ton of hunting to do along the Verde river...or there was.
  9. TwoGuns

    Leica LRF 1200 Range Finder

    Thanks RR, that’s what I was guessing. I really like Leicas, but need to get one that can get a little farther out.
  10. TwoGuns

    Leica LRF 1200 Range Finder

    RR, what’s the true effective range of this RF on deer/elk? I’m looking for one to pick up for long range shooting. Thanks
  11. TwoGuns

    Spring leftovers list is up

    So someone enlighten me how it is that I drew my 2nd choice Javi tag and there are 80+ left over of my first choice?
  12. TwoGuns

    Dead Lion

  13. TwoGuns

    G&F Proposed Rule Changes

    In addition, the Commission and Department have received a number of complaints about persons archery hunting near their private property. The Commission proposes to amend the rule to prohibit the discharge of hybrid device, arrow, or bolt while taking wildlife within one-fourth mile of an occupied farmhouse or other residence, cabin, lodge or building without permission of the owner or resident, to increase consistency between statute and rules. This language mirrors statutory language under A.R.S. § 17-309, which prohibits a person from discharging a firearm while taking wildlife within one-fourth mile of an occupied farmhouse or other residence, cabin, lodge, or building without permission of the owner or resident. This change is in response to customer comments received by the Department. In addition, the Commission is aware confusion exists as to what distance constitutes "one-fourth mile" and "one-half mile." The Commission proposes to clarify this distance by also referencing this distance in yards (440 or 880, as applicable) to reduce regulatory uncertainty. This change is in response to customer comments received by the Department
  14. As the population increases the percentage of idiots increases at a faster rate. Thus the need for more idiot laws. Bad for road hunters and people afraid of the deep woods. How about for those of us that live near the verde river and hunt elk, deer, javelina, migratory birds, and bowfish? There are not many places that you can get 1/4 mike from a residence. This would outlaw all that hunting, even though it is safe and most private property owners dont care, or are hunters themselves. This is not an idiot law proposal.
  15. So if this goes into effect, imagine the phone calls to game and fish... If you walk within 1/4 mile of private property, carrying your bow, and someone calls it in that you are hunting inside of 1/4 mile, does anyone believe they won't get a ticket? Then, it will be off to court to prove your innocence. Because obviously it won't stop people from complaining to the department. Anti-hunters will always complain, and if AZGFD starts giving away hunting privileges just for appeasement, we are off the slippery slope as it were.