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Mountain lion or Bobcat??

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I actually think it's close.  My first response was bobcat.  Not to be too equivocal but I'll call bobcat with 65% certainty.  Both bobcats and lions can have those white facial markings.  Also, it seems improbable to get multiple pics of a lion with out its long tail in the frame.  If we had a sense of how far away it was, that would help but it's hard to get perspective from a photo.  Finally, I'd bet there are more bobcats in that area than lions but guessing bobcat based on that would just be playing the odds.

Any tracks?  Any more pictures? 

Thanks for the interesting post.


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Looks like a bobcat to me. 

Did she see whether it had a long tail?  To me it looks like a standard bobcat tail, but the perspective is very bad with the tail coming at the camera which could easily distort the length. 

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