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First velvet

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Finally got it done on my first velvet buck.  After countless failed stalks and hours behind the glass over the last few hot summers, it came together.  It's funny, I like to tell myself that I'm gonna hold out for a bigger buck than my last (3x3 or better).  I was after this guys bigger 4x4 brother but after not being able to find him, this guy stood and presented a shot, and I couldn't help myself.  Some day I'll hopefully get the 4x4 I'm looking for, but it's just too much fun and rewarding to tag out with a bow.

I gotta say I was impressed with the sevr broadheads.  He was quartered away and I hit the last rib, with about 3/4 of the arrow penetrating on a 68 yard shot.  I watched him drop in his tracks after running 20 yards.  I have never shot a broadhead that flies as well as they do either.  Big thanks to my good friend Syd for guiding me in and being there to help out.





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Congratulations on a fine buck!

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