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    My wife’s 2018 bull bison hunt video

    Very nice! Enjoyed the heck out of the video! Great job on putting together the build up prior and the hunt itself and follow up. Congratulations to your wife and thanks for sharing. Russ is a great guy, I hunted with him on my hunt.

    Fridge & speakers/receiver.. make offer

    cubic foot on fridge? Working I would hope?

    Swarovski Booster/Doubler

    2500 HD, pm replied to .

    Swarovski Booster/Doubler

    Note: I just found out from Swarovski these WILL NOT work on the new HD glass. Only good for the previous generations. So, all you guys with the non HD's, buy these to improve your close up evaluations of this years trophy for a fraction of the cost of the HDs!

    Swarovski Booster/Doubler

    pm and text send back.

    Swarovski Booster/Doubler

    Replied to the PM, but 83rd Ave and Pinnacle Peak for anyone else.

    Anyone still not get their tags yet?

    Perhaps theres a new breed of porch pirates, instead of Amazon shipment boxes, they are targeting late Kaibab tags? Seems more lucrative to me.....

    Anyone still not get their tags yet?

    I'm still waiting, and waiting, and, oh heck, I didnt draw. Nevermind.

    Lee's Ferry Mid June/Early July

    Park service checked us at the fish clean station Saturday, inquiring about Browns. Said they are considering a bounty program on them to encourage fisherman to kill them rather than release them. He didnt know all the details, but asked if that would get me to participate. I release every Brown I catch unless gill hooked, if I need some fish to eat I keep the 'bows as they are like rabbits up there. The Browns get big and mean, nice thrill when you latch into one.
  10. NOTAGS

    Swarovski Booster/Doubler

  11. NOTAGS

    Swarovski Bino Adapters

  12. NOTAGS

    WTB Ranger Crew tires

    My next tires are going to be the Tusk Terrabite. Every review I have read is positive, and sounds like they may overcome a couple of the issues I have with the Maxxis Bighorns on my XP900. I put the 2.0's on my 500 Crew so it wouldnt work as hard trying to start turning them when loaded up. Lots of options out there nowadays . I would read reviews on whatever you are leaning towards based upon your usage, lots of them on RMATV's website.
  13. NOTAGS

    WTB Ranger Crew tires

    BTW, make sure you go radial and you will never put bias ply on your rig again. The stock Polaris tires by Carlisle ride like crap and are only 4 ply, vs 6, 8, or even 10 in the Mongrels. Thats what you usually find for resale on Craigslist. Way less flats with the heavier ply too .
  14. NOTAGS

    WTB Ranger Crew tires

    AEO Motorsports on 83rd ave had the best price on the Bighorn Maxxis 2.0 I could find. Other than them, I would go to Rocky Mountain ATV, great pricing and free shipping.
  15. NOTAGS

    Swarovski Booster/Doubler

    Yes, it just takes them to 30X. Same Swarovski glass as the binos. Everyone used to call them doublers since it is a 2x magnification of what your binos were.