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  1. Roosevelt Mark

    Honda 2000i Generator **SOLD**

    IA Born is correct, it will work.
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    AZ Unit 23 Archery Deer

    Get in line and drive up and down Young Road like everyone else does.
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    Coues doe doesn't mind us at all

    Ah how sad....
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    What's happening with this deer?

    It's almost like mange.
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    True dat!
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    Great buck!
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    Great buck! Yes they can shoot from a vehicle that is pulled off the road.
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Monsoon report

    Flood in QC.
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    White Mtns. Fishing?

    Cow bells are fun, you can't tell if the stocker is on the line or not. Always feels like a fish.lol
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Big Lake Fishing Report?

    The beginning of a fish kill. Hopefully it's not to bad.
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    2018 antler growth

    You saw three bulls over 375 inches just hanging out off the road in 6A? wow I guess I should be grateful for my tag. Ya but some of these guys think it would be 380 without the drout. Darn weather..
  12. Roosevelt Mark

    San Carlos oct bear

    Dam, make a movie out of that.
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Cancer SUCKS

    Prayers sent. On September 11th I will be 5 years in remission from stage 3 lymphoma. It can be done.
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Where did they have that many tags? Colorado?