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    Mesa, AZ
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    God, Family, Outdoors...archery elk, javelina, deer. Rifle Couse WT. I enjoy riding quads with the wife and dog. The wife and I play softball as much as possible.
  1. Viper

    Archery elk hunt video

    Very cool dream trip and great video! I needed that.
  2. Viper

    Elk arrow locked in

    I agree. My arrows seem to hit square. I had the string/cable replaced and setup by Timber Mesa, here in Mesa. I checked the "paper tune" and looks good. I have shot Thunderheads and G5's so far and both POI same as field points, at 30 yds. I will experiment with 125's. Not sure if an extra 25 gr. will make a difference? Thanks for the knowledgeable replies!
  3. Viper

    Elk arrow locked in

    Mulepackhunter, That should be a killer arrow! I am a bit concerned with my arrow weight. I am shooting Gold Tip Hunter XT, 416 gr. with 100 gr. Thunderheads. 30" arrow, 64 lb draw weight, 260 fps. I also have 125 gr. Thunderheads that I will experiment with. I have a Sept archery bull tag. I have not shot an elk with carbon arrows. I have killed 4 elk with an old PSE, heavy aluminum arrows, the same Thunderheads, shooting with fingers (no release). One shot, all dropped within sight. I am an advocate of heavy arrows. I have read many threads on this subject...a lot of varying opinions. Is this arrow weight/setup adequate?
  4. Viper

    What's burning down south by Roosevelt,

    Yeah, I thought so. We were up high in the Mazatals today. Noticed it this morning. On the way out around 1:00, it was getting windy and the smoke doubled in size.
  5. Viper

    What's burning down south by Roosevelt,

    Bears fire. Lightning strike yesterday. 2000 acres. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6062/
  6. Viper

    Trail Camera Opinion/Review?

    I saw those. I checked reviews, which state "very slow trigger and recovery times", so I didn't buy them. They will probably be ok if you set them up looking down a trail or at a salt block. Try to avoid a passing shot or you may only get a rear end.
  7. Viper

    Cabover pop up camper

    I've been thinking of one of these, but I'm getting resistance from my wife. Maybe I'll have to take a look at it.
  8. Viper

    Portable evap coolers

    You would have to draw outside air or the humidity would realy build up and defeat the purpose. I mounted a side draft to the side of my garage. It works well...when the dew point is low.
  9. Viper

    Lets talk boots

    I like my Meindel Perfykt Hikers...on my 2nd pair. The first pair are still wearable, just not much tread left. I'd like to check out Crispi too.
  10. Viper

    Lion attack on my trail cam?

    I forgot to take my card reader with me, so I just swapped cards and waited until I got home to look at the pics. I usually have a snack and go through the pics on site, but not this time. Now I will have to go back to investigate. The attack happened 2.5 months ago, so not sure what will be left.
  11. Viper

    Lion attack on my trail cam?

    I wasn't sure if it's a tail or deer leg. The tip looks weird, kinda stubby.
  12. I have a series of pics that I believe is a lion attack of a spike buck. What say you? Looks like a lion attacks from right to left Looks like a deer leg sticking straight up No leg in the air
  13. Viper


    Eberlestock X2 is a good choice for a day pack...and can pack out a quarter. Return with the frame pack and a couple buddies to get the rest.
  14. Viper

    Cross-Canyon Shooting

    Wow!! Very well done! .....WOW
  15. Rem 700 in .270. Love that rifle/caliber. Easy to shoot and easy to carry.