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    Shipping Taxi when Travelling to hunt.

    Once it is frozen put it in a collapsible cooler and take it as carry on. This way it won't end up being lost luggage. It will stay frozen up to 10 hours. FYI airlines will not let you use ice.

    Where you born in Arizona?

    Kent, Do you remember a guy who ran a bait/tackle shop out of his house on McKellips? He also sold a few guns, I think his name was Al. Maybe around Lindsey or Val Vista?

    Have you seen or know this guy?

    Did your cousin say what caused the confrontation?

    Where you born in Arizona?

    Those were some wild times for sure. I think the Sheriff Dept got tired of all the killings down there and closed the Lower Salt down about the time of the flood and blowing up Coons Bluff. You have a better memory than I.

    6a bull rifle nov 30-dec 6

    The whole unit has elk so find some terrain you can navigate and hunt it.

    First Elk Down!

    Congrats. Sounds like it was pretty exciting.

    2018 NM Unit 23 Whitetail

    Welcome aboard Shirl, that's what I call my Aunt Shirley so you have a great name. We have a few members from NM so I'm sure one or more will chime in soon.

    Where you born in Arizona?

    Moved here in 76 when I was 24 and I can remember University being gravel past Greenfield and Fiesta Mall was a dirt lot where we would hunt rabbits.and we would camp out at the campground on the lower salt.

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    Went up to Woods Canyon Lake Tuesday afternoon with my son to camp overnight and could hear a few weak bugles around sunset and then again in the morning heard a few more from the same bull. Never saw any though. I have a 22 Turkey Tag so I will probably be in there Sunday and for the new few weekends looking for them. Hope to see/hear some bulls.
  10. PRDATR

    Cost to paint a house (Exterior)??

    Adam, I feel your pain. Years ago I painted my house, rented a sprayer, scraped, painted primer. The whole nine yards. I bought the paint and chose a sample color called Desert Rose. When it dried it looked like Pepto Bismol pink. Much brighter and darker than the sample was in the store. But when I put it up along side of the house it matched perfectly.
  11. 24 yrs later and nothing has really changed except loss of American jobs and bolstering the economy of an enemy. But hey, we can buy cheap disposable stuff at Walmat, HD, etc that breaks in months. http://tech.mit.edu/V114/N27/china.27w.html
  12. PRDATR

    Cost to paint a house (Exterior)??

    Don't pay an "up front" deposit. Make sure they are licensed and bonded.
  13. PRDATR

    Looking for a .243

    Also have one in 22-250 but I lean more on the 243's now.
  14. PRDATR

    Looking for a .243

    I have had a 788, a Model 70 Featherweight (first Production Year), a Weatherby S2 and currently have a Marlin X7 and a Savage Axis. They all shot MOA with factory ammo. The S2 really liked the Winchester 95's. The Savage will shoot under MOA with just about any factory load down to 55 grains.