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  1. azhuntnut

    New Hoyt Ruckus

    Mogollon is picking it up this week.
  2. azhuntnut

    WTB- Kuiu or ? backpack / panner attachment

    Still searching.
  3. azhuntnut

    New Hoyt Ruckus

    Brand new, never shot Hoyt Ruckus ready to shoot. Would make a great starter bow for kid. $150 obo. David Northwest Peoria.
  4. azhuntnut

    Swaro 12x50 or 15x56HD?

    I went out with oz31p this evening and he was nice enough to meet me and bring out both pairs of binoculars for me to look through. I was surprised to see the difference between the two binoculars. The 12s were clearer and brighter than the 15s. I could see the 15s had the extra power, but I could still see the same objects. I think the 12s would work better for me. David
  5. I have a friend that needs a backpack. I’m trying to find a Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 or other models for him with an XL frame. A tall would probably work, but prefer an XL. I would be open to other high end pack if they would fit him. He is around 6ft 4. Im also looking for a panning attachment to use with an Outdoorsmans pistol grip for my son. David
  6. azhuntnut

    Swaro 12x50 or 15x56HD?

    I’m going to purchase one of these soon and I can’t make up my mind which one. I mostly glass right now with a pair of 10s. If I’m close to my truck I will also pull out my 20-60 spotting scope to check out what I have found. When I’m hiking I carry my little Nikon ED50 13-50. I’m getting older and my eye sight is t the best anymore. I’m told I would do better with the 12s since they have better color and clarity, but I kind of like the idea of the 15 power. I actually do pretty well with my 10s right now, but want a little more. David Which one? Swarovski 12x50 or 15x56HD
  7. azhuntnut

    Boat- 14ft deep V with motor

  8. azhuntnut

    Boat- 14ft deep V with motor

    I posted the wrong price in my ad. I have adjusted it. This is a fun boat on the small lakes and is very stable.
  9. azhuntnut


  10. azhuntnut

    >>AR-15 chambered in 25 WSSM

  11. azhuntnut

    KMC 22 inch wheels- like new

    I bought these for my wife’s vehicle and she did t like them. The fit several different Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and other vehicles. Check your bolt pattern for fitment. I have them stored in the original boxes. $400 form for all 4 wheels? I’m in north Peoria. Bolt pattern is 5x114.3 or 5x4.5. David
  12. azhuntnut

    San Carlos Bear

    Congrats. Cool looking dual phase. Did you guys just spot and stalk? I bought an early October tag in B. Looks like your were in C. My buddy shot a giant (4-500 lbs) the other day. David
  13. azhuntnut

    Elk arrow locked in

    I started using Stingers in 2005 and they have been an excellent broadhead for me. Almost always a complete pass through, no matter the animal. I shot an elk several years ago at about 80 yards and hit ribs on both sides. Left a perfect plus sign. I never did find my arrow. Crazy tough and dont break. I just recently switch to their Black Hornet and its just as good, but has a little larger cutting diameter. David
  14. Has anybody hunted the San Carlos for bear during the early October bear hunt? David