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  1. Willyhunts2

    2018 Archery Coues Buck

    You are a stud! Congrats
  2. Willyhunts2

    Looking for older inexpensive rh bow

    I have a few older PSE bows. Out of town till Thursday but can get specifics then.
  3. Willyhunts2

    2017 NM Coues Buck

    Good job on a sweet buck.
  4. Willyhunts2

    Vortex razor 12x50's

  5. Willyhunts2

    Vortex razor 12x50's

  6. Willyhunts2

    Vortex razor 12x50's

    Binos are used but in good shape. Only blemish I see is the inside rubberized area where they have rubbed going on and off tripod. Asking 900 including outdoorsmans stud. Located in gibert. PM or text 602-312-4679 -Will
  7. Willyhunts2

    Vortex razor 12x50's

    About to sell mine pretty soon so if anyone is interested let me know. 602-312-4679
  8. Willyhunts2


    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you guys get it back!
  9. Willyhunts2

    Sig p320? S&w? Looking for a 9mm

    Love my full size P320 .40 cal enough to where I'm going to buy the same gun in the compact model. +1 one for buds. Just picked up a rifle today from my smith that I ordered from buds.
  10. Willyhunts2

    Freebie pressure washer for parts

    If that's a hole in the crank case it's toast.
  11. Willyhunts2

    Freebie pressure washer for parts

    Does the pump take oil also? I worked for Karcher for 12 years up till 2 weeks ago but I'm sure I can still get parts if it's worth fixing. If it's a residential model we call them "throw aways" cause cost more to fix than to replace.
  12. Willyhunts2

    300 Win Mag

    Good looker and sweet shooter!
  13. Willyhunts2


    Trying to decide between a hunter in 280 ackley improved or a montana in 270 WSM. Leaning towards the short mag. Input?