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  1. Lv2hnt

    Monday morning success

    I'll say that's a better bull! Well played, amigo!
  2. Lv2hnt

    7W Archery Bull Elk tag to be donated

    ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! >>> CHANGE OF PLANS/DATE OF HUNT: Just confirmed a disabled vet who is qualified for this hunt, but he can only hunt the 2nd half of the hunt (starting probably Friday, Sept 28) Hunt will still run Friday- Monday, arriving in camp Thursday afternoon, Sept. 27. Volunteers still welcome! --- Tom
  3. Lv2hnt

    7W Archery Bull Elk tag to be donated

    The new father of 3-week-old twins in fact donated his 7W tag to Heroes Rising Outdoors / Hunts for Heroes this morning. Good for him in supporting his wife in this new chapter in their lives! He did have Point Guard, so all is not lost. Thanks again for thinking of us, Troy! Your generosity will put an Arizona vet out there in the middle of bugling bulls in some awesome country ... FYI, 'tho this is last minute, if any one (experienced with archery elk hunting and/or Unit 7W) is free this Thurs afternoon - Sun/Mon (Sept. 20-24) and would like to be part of an amazing experience, give me a call ASAP! >>> (480)760-3868 I just returned from several elk camps near Flagstaff today. Two disabled Arizona vets were successful using their own crossbows over the weekend -- one tagged a cow (his first ever elk!), the other a nice branch-antlered bull. Yee Haw! --- Tom
  4. Lv2hnt

    Point guard vs tag donation.

    To contact Hunts for Heroes, call me at: (480)760-3868. I'd be happy to explain everything with regards to tag donation and Point Guard. We make sure the tag transfer is handled properly and that you retain your bonus points (if you purchased Point Guard). Going forward, a disabled Arizona veteran gets to go hunting in Arizona's amazing outdoors with Hunts for Heroes providing the experience free-of-charge! Pretty cool for you --- very cool for the veteran!!!
  5. Lv2hnt

    Good Off-Road Shop in East Valley?

    I should have remembered that BDM is an AES sponsor, but everything is a bit blurred this last week before archery elk begins (lol). Thanks everyone for your help --- much appreciated!!!
  6. Hunts for Heroes has ordered nerf bars / steps for our truck. What 4x4 shop in the East Valley have you used and would recommend to install them? Would like to get it done before the archery elk hunts begin next Friday. Thanks for your help!
  7. Lv2hnt

    Recommended bow technician in Tucson???

    Duly noted --- passed along your recommendations. Much appreciated!
  8. Hunts for Heroes was just given a premium archery bull elk tag (hunt would start in 2 and 1/2 weeks). We have the disabled vet picked out (who's an archer), but he recently received his bow back from the manufacturer and it needs to be set up (new strings and tuned). He lives south of Tucson --- who's your recommended "GO-TO" guy in Tucson? We need to make this happen ASAP! Thanks for your help!
  9. Lv2hnt

    Another Camera Vandal

    Lee, my guess is they have a thing for whatever salt our hands leave on cameras after we've handled them --- go figure (?). Good thing it wasn't a yogi with an appetite ...
  10. Lv2hnt

    Son's first Antelope

    There you go --- nice!
  11. Lv2hnt

    First antelope on opening day

    Quite the achievement!
  12. Lv2hnt

    Filled tag

    Nate: Arizona Elk Society's Hunts for Heroes program would take your rifle deer tag and take a disabled Arizona vet out hunting with it. Call me and let's talk: (480)760-3868. Congrats on filling your archery tag! --- Tom
  13. Lv2hnt

    Kodiak 10x10 Flex-Bow Tent

  14. Lv2hnt

    270 wsm Christensen arms

    I'd be all over this if I didn't already have a 270 WSM I'm happy with ... This should get snatched up today!
  15. Selling my Kodiak 10x10 Flex-Bow Deluxe tent (stock photo). Hunted with it twice > one September archery elk hunt, one November elk hunt. Very clean with NO tears anywhere --- always set up on heavy-duty tarp with rug inside. Best tent I've ever owned! First $450.00 buys it! Please respond to: (480)760-3868 ...