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  1. 654321

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    I know someone that had 7 and didn't get drawn
  2. 654321

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    crossbow permit= Certify the applicant has one or more of the following physical limitations: i. An amputation involving body extremities required for stable function to use conventional archery equipment; ii. A spinal cord injury resulting in a disability to the lower extremities, leaving the applicant nonambulatory; iii. A wheelchair restriction; iv. A neuromuscular condition that prevents the applicant from drawing and holding a bow; v. A failed functional draw test that equals 30 pounds of resistance and involves holding it for four seconds; vi. A failed manual muscle test involving the grading of shoulder and elbow flexion and extension or an impaired range-of-motion test involving the shoulder or elbow; or vii. A combination of comparable physical disabilities resulting in the applicant’s inability to draw and hold a bow. CHAMP permit= “Severe permanent disability” means one or more permanent physical or mental disabilities resulting from amputation, arthritis, autism, blindness, burn injury, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, intellectual disability, muscular dystrophy, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, paraplegia, pulmonary disorders, quadriplegia and other spinal cord conditions, sickle cell anemia, and end stage renal disease or a combination of permanent disabilities resulting in comparable substantial functional limitations.
  3. 654321

    Archery Hunting within 1/4 mile of a building

    New law will be same as gun law, no hunting within 1/4 mile of occupied structure without permission.
  4. 654321

    Archery Hunting within 1/4 mile of a building

    Except for a few towns and note #32 it is still legal for now to hunt within 1/4 mile of occupied building but i believe April 19th 2019 is when the new rules will go into effect.
  5. Just for the record I've used lead free bullets on both my rifle hunts and it is a voluntary program but the AZGFD cant make you go retrieve a gut pile because you chose not to use lead free ammo.
  6. 654321

    2018 deer draw

    Last year 3 points were 21%, 4 and 5 were both 100%
  7. 654321

    2018 deer draw

    Depending on how many points you had and which 12A West rifle hunt you had will be the first indicator to which hunt you have drawn. If you had 3 points or less you could have drawn either 12Awest rifle hunt or archery in the 1-2 pass. I would guess if you had between 4-6 points you drew the archery hunt because that amount of points would have in all likely hood put you in the bonus pass for archery but not either the late or early rifle hunt. If you had lets say 7-14 points it would have put you in the bonus pass for both the early hunt and archery so you could have drawn either one of those. If you had 14plus points well your just plain crazy if you put archery as a second choice and ill leave it at that. Either way you have a tag so good luck and have fun.
  8. 654321

    New World Record Trout Caught in Arizona

    5.12 pounds
  9. 654321

    The Trail Cam Celebration

    You might want to hold off on sending those appreciation emails until after the tag grab is settled unless your all for it then by all means send them on. I disagree One Battle at a time thats how you storm the gates! Lets enjoy the victory but prepare for the war! I sent a Thank you email saturday too each commissioner! Commissioner Davis emailed me back and said after an exhausting day friday it made his day to wake up and read my email! SirRoyal! I hope you also sent an e-mail to Commissioner Davis asking him why he would automatically propose a no increase in license fees in order to fund the education battle as we all know the raffle tags issue will be the next Battle.
  10. 654321

    The Trail Cam Celebration

    You might want to hold off on sending those appreciation emails until after the tag grab is settled unless your all for it then by all means send them on.
  11. 654321

    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

    It seems to me that the AZGFD's portal account is an excellent way to inform the public about this new challenge. If I saw it correctly there are something like 120,000 plus account holders, if they were smart they would make a simple survey that you had to take before you could access your draw results. They could explain the need for more secure funding for education and then ask the question. How best to raise money for this cause? A. Raffle tags B. License increase in some form C. other. The fall draw would be way before the august meeting and they would at least have a feel for how 120,000 plus sportsman an woman feel is the best way to fund education campaign.
  12. 654321

    Mid Life/wife crisis Question

    I'd bet good money you don't drive your personal truck the way you drive your work truck.
  13. 654321

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    I will gladly eat my words if he is proven innocent. But as I stated before, I as an individual am not subject to the kind of burden of proof that the government is in order to imprison someone. Where there is smoke there is fire. And I have to say, you reap what you sow and Blake has been nothing but a loud mouth narcissistic jerk since showing up around here. He has been asked, counseled, advises and reasoned with by a number of very respected members of this site and has been a disrespectful cuss at every opportunity. I hope he goes to prison and we never have to read his vitriol again. Seeing the hurrendous filth that his brother spewed out over the past few days just confirms what everyone has felt for a long time. I believe I am a reasonable person, and really havent ever had a real problem with anyone on this site, but this creep has taken advantage of every opportunity to troll, berate, hate, swear and treat many members of this site like dirt. I spent an entire summer placing trailcams womdering if they would be stolen because he spent time in the area, because of that I never posted any of my pics. The fact that we have to go to those lengths to avoid a member of this site because he confessed to stealing cams, after he had been accused for a long long time. So Coach, I appreciate your level approach to this and have a lot of respect for you, but please understand why so many of us arent waiting for the years this will take to grind through the justice system. I know this isnt Christ like, but I hope this is a particularly miserable experience for him. I know this guy is, well not respectable, not a good guy, not an ethical person, not an ethical hunter. But all I ask is that before we rush to judgment, we know at the very least what he's been charged with, and what factual evidence we know. I like rumor mongering about the same level as I like poachers and thieves. Go back to page 25 and you can see exactly what his citations are for.
  14. 654321

    Handgun Bullet Limit

    Wrong, only time there is a limit is migratory game birds