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    The outdoors. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and sitting around a campfire with a cold beer!
  1. Forlorn Hope

    Forum software upgrade

    Yeah. I just logged on with my phone. Much easier to navigate compared to my iPad.
  2. Forlorn Hope

    Forum software upgrade

    Got it. Thanks!
  3. Forlorn Hope

    Forum software upgrade

    I can't seem to find it either. Someone help please!
  4. Forlorn Hope

    Binocular issue

    Did you properly set up the focus on each? You have to set the focus for each eye seperately. Left eye first, right second. With right eye closed, focus left eye with center wheel. Then close left eye and focus right eye with diopter wheel. Then lock diopter. Your binos are now properly set up for your eyes when using the center wheel.
  5. Forlorn Hope


  6. Forlorn Hope

    Where am I

    Cortez Colorado?
  7. Forlorn Hope

    Let's kill a scammer

    star 67 will hid your number. Just dial *67 then the outgoing number, i.e., *67 480 123 4567 I use it all the time,
  8. Forlorn Hope

    Bonus Point for LOT

  9. Forlorn Hope

    Lets talk boots

    Very happy with Crispi.
  10. Forlorn Hope

    Monsoon report

    Yup. Another 5-6 inches up on the Peaks today! The Peaks have received about 12" of rain in 5 days. Incredible!
  11. Forlorn Hope


    Badlands 2200 is what I use. Works great for an Arizona elk tag. Tons of usable space. You're never anywhere deep here to warrant bringing everything and the kitchen sink.
  12. Forlorn Hope

    Cross-Canyon Shooting

    Those last shots of Coal Mine Canyon are fantastic! While attending NAU, we used to get up that way a bunch! 30+ years and it still looks beautiful. Time stands still. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Forlorn Hope

    Cross-Canyon Shooting

  14. Forlorn Hope

    Monsoon report

    If you have a tag in 11M, bring your canoe. Talked with my sister in Flagstaff and she's says the rain has been insane. Read a report from the NWS that said the Peaks have received over 6" of rain since Saturday. Nice!! Good start. Let's hope it continues into August.
  15. Forlorn Hope

    Trivia question

    That's about the best time up north. No hunts, no school and no fire restrictions.