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  1. True. But itโ€™s a lot more fun to talk elk strategy as opposed to the other stuff going on lately here on CWT! ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. It could change on a dime this time of year. All it would take is a tropical storm down south to shoot up north and dump rain on us. Just have a plan A,B,C,D,E.... haha
  3. Hardly. Lol. Weather service is calling for more of the same during the next 10-14 days!! Hot and dry, with another heatwave next week for us poor souls in the desert. With the exception to Lance down there, itโ€™s been a dud monsoon so far. This is irrelevant to growth as the bulls have already rubbed. Itโ€™s just something to think about as far as strategy. If I found a hidden wallow or small pool, and I had a tag, I know what Iโ€™d be doing! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Percent of normal since start of monsoon, June 15th.
  4. AZ8

    Taxidermy advice

    Close to 3 years for a mule deer is way too long. Wow, you're in a tough spot. Hope it works out soon!
  5. AZ8

    Gov tag buck

  6. AZ8

    Anyone work at Discount Tire

    Good thing about Discount, if you're hunting up north and can limp into Flagstaff or Show Low, you can get a new tire for $28, or whatever the cost of your certificate is. It's saved my bacon a few times.
  7. AZ8

    Anyone work at Discount Tire

    Discount has served me well for over 30 years. Only place I buy tires.
  8. AZ8


    Yes. It's hard for me to relate to hunters who align themselves with left leaning policies. These groups, Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club, Wildlife Guardians....etc..... look for fractions within the community, then swoop in.
  9. AZ8

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    Not to hijack the thread, but a person can spend hours on YouTube watching that scenario play out! LOL
  10. AZ8

    Popcorn thread

    The powerline punchline is going to live forever on CWT.com. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  11. AZ8

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    You guys scare me! Whenever I come up to someone towing and it's obviously exceeding the capabilities of the tow vehicle, my azz gets by them as quick as possible. Especially if we're approaching a steep downhill grade. I've pulled up to way too many crashes and DPS always tells me that they over extended the tow vehicle specs.
  12. AZ8

    Museum Fire

    The community meeting this evening said it's now 10% contained. Also, they were pretty positive with the rain and increased humidity, that they feel this fire won't grow much more than what it already is. They stated this a couple times tonight, so they're confident in the fire's behavior. The biggest threat now, according to them, is flash flooding.
  13. AZ8

    Military surplus cases

    That first picture shows them for $80.