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  1. AZ8

    Super Bonus Point

    Even if passed, the Department said it may take up to 2 years to implement. You’ll have a couple draw cycles to burn your points if you so chose.
  2. Hello. Helping my mom sell a few things. Freezer sold. Crosley chest freezer. I couldn’t find any information on cubic ft, but the demensions are 42” L x 22” W x 34” T I’m guessing maybe it’s a 7 cubic feet?? But I could be wrong. This was a backup freezer, but I plugged it in and it worked. Price $50 2 La-Z-Boy sleeper sofas. In good shape. No tears in sofa or mattresses. Sofas are heavy, but I can help load. Price $50 each. Items located in Mesa in Dreamland Villa Retirement community. University and Recker. Local pick up.
  3. AZ8

    Wanna see a huge buck?

    Incredible. I got him at 204
  4. AZ8

    Advice for tripod

    In my experience, one thing to remember, the higher you go with the tripod, the less stable it will be. Regardless of manufactuer or material. I’m 6’0 and when my tripod is set to glass while standing, I notice the little vibrations more. The tripod is much more stable at a lower profile, i.e., when you’re sitting on a chair or your butt. Just something to consider if you’re having difficulty finding a tripod tall enough for you. Plus you can glass much longer sitting down! 😎
  5. AZ8

    Weather report

    People couldn’t get up the hill to Mt Ord. Accidents galore last night. ADOTs twitter feed was blowing up.
  6. AZ8

    Safe Highway Fees

    I read a couple lawmakers are actively pursuing to repeal this fee. How far it will go is anybody's guess.
  7. AZ8

    My lifetime tag

    Congrats. Thats a long wait. Great looking ram!
  8. AZ8

    2019 regs

    The most important factor for fawns to survive is adequate hiding cover. When there is no precipitaion, the fawns are really exposed. No hiding cover translates to easy pickings for coyotes. With drought conditions spread out over thousands of square miles, really not a whole lot we can do other than predator control.
  9. AZ8

    2019 regs

    Antelope fawn recruitment was almost zilch. Not surprised in the tag reduction there.
  10. AZ8

    Moving cost

    Didn’t realize they charge by weight. Good info. Thanks guys. Yeah, we’ll being doing all the boxing. Just need them to load up the rig and head north. Then unload and we’ll take it from there.
  11. AZ8

    Polaris ranger tire dealers east valley

    I think those are going to be my next set. Very positive reviews.
  12. AZ8

    Moving cost

    Future move from Mesa to Flagstaff and will be using a moving company. Curious on a ballpark dollar amount if anyone has done this specific distance. Doing research for a move in Jan/Feb. Way too much crap for a Uhaul.
  13. AZ8

    Anybody lose this today?

    This will help the HSUS agenda in Arizona. I don't think I would have posted this. IMO, reporting this directly to AGFD is all that was needed.
  14. AZ8

    Popcorn thread

    Doubt is over. Probably still going on.