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  1. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    Interesting graphic. Pushing into the top 5.
  2. AZ8

    Where Am I?

    Dobson Ranch area? Dobson and Guadalupe.
  3. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    16% Using public info @ roughly 780 total square miles for 24B.
  4. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    Started at the Badger Springs trailhead. Just like the Woodbury fire started at the Woodbury trailhead. Makes you wonder. Either there are a bunch of stupid hikers....or...........
  5. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    Not alot of pictures posted from the agencies, but the few they've posted show the drainages completely moonscaped. Once the rains start, wouldn't be surprised if they shut down alot of the wilderness to avoid another situation like what happened at Bushnell tanks.
  6. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    There’s going to be some serious soil erosion in some of those drainages once the monsoons kick in.
  7. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    Yeah, heck of smoke plume now. Its really cooking this afternoon. Getting closer to Roosevelt. Pictures from ADOT:
  8. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    The second aftermath picture I posted above shows the orchard.
  9. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    Just read on the Tonto Twitter page that the work done around the Reavis Ranch area was successful. They released the following pictures. Looks like the orchard is ok. “....personnel are happy to report that mitigation efforts in the Reavis Ranch area, including the "Medusa Mother Tree", historic homestead foundation, old orchard, and Mexican spotted owl habitat were successful..”
  10. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    Reading the morning report from inciweb, sounds like they're putting resources in to protect the orchard.
  11. AZ8

    Woodbury Fire

    Wow. Must of blew up this afternoon.
  12. AZ8

    RIP GameHauler

    RIP! He was a great guy here on CWT. Prayers to his family.