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  1. AZ8

    Turkeys gobbling

    I'll be up next week. 300 rd better be open or it'll be a loooong detour to 4A! Lol
  2. AZ8

    Turkeys gobbling

    They need to hold off for another 2 weeks!
  3. I’m 50 years old. These attacks on our freedoms have commenced less than 10 years ago. This new, younger generation is the catalyst. Unfortunately, it’s your generation that’s ruined hunting. You guys can’t piss in the woods without posting a status update on Instagram! Hunting and the outdoors was so much better before social media. It was shared with only those people that were important to us and not every Tom, Dick and Harry on Instagram or Facebook! We’d go out, kill a few coyotes, sit around the campfire and talk about the fun. And that’d be it! Fast forward to today, and every second of every day HAS to be posted on Facebook or Instagram so you poor snowflakes can get some instant gratification or base your self-worth on others’ opinions. If guys would just go out, kill some coyotes and STFU, this wouldn’t be an issue. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Hunting here was so much better in the 70’s and 80’s and before the addiction to phones and social media that we see today.
  4. Not trying to sound like an apologist towards the department, but they didn’t ban coyote hunting. You can still go out this evening if you so please. You and your buddies can make a few stands and accomplish the same results without all the social media fanfare.
  5. AZ8

    Any shed action yet?

    There's a guy on hikearizona that posted a few pics. One was a huge 6 point. Maybe he's a member here.
  6. AZ8

    ATV trailer recommendations

    10’ will be too tight. You’ll regret that purchase. My Can Am Defender is 10’ long also and I have less than 2 feet to spare on my 6x12.
  7. AZ8

    ATV trailer recommendations

    I have a Playcraft 12x6 single axle. My CanAm Defender fits good with plenty of room to spare. I can move it into my garage by hand without much effort.
  8. AZ8

    good news?

    1,530 more working days and Im done! But who’s counting?
  9. AZ8

    Something good unexpected

    If it’s on your portal, it will list the hunt number.
  10. AZ8

    Something good unexpected

    If you’re next in line, I think they call you first to see if you’re interested.
  11. AZ8


    Now at 70%. Still rising!
  12. AZ8

    23N is closed

    Heard they were all killed under the power lines!
  13. AZ8

    Arizona Elk Bonus Pt.

    Re-read his statement. He missed the application deadline.
  14. AZ8

    Arizona Elk Bonus Pt.

    No. Has to be done during the application period.
  15. AZ8

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Dang! The farthest I’ll go to buy a truck is about 10 miles...Lol. Good luck!