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Long range, starting from scatch

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 Last year I started looking at options to buy or build a "custom" hunting rifle. I started pricing builds from several of the names that are thrown out on this site regularly, and they build great rifles. With all the different makers it seems like you get a model 700 action, have it trued, re-barreled, Timney trigger, HS precision stock, bottom metal, Cerakoted, muzzle braked, etc. It's easy to get several K into a guaranteed 1/2 MOA rifle.

 I decided to look at some of the higher end rifles built by Remington, Browning, Sako, Nosler and Legendary Arms Works. Fortunately I found myself the only one at the gun counter in Sportsman's one day and the salesman was quite friendly. I handled all of the above and looked them over and was pretty impressed with the LAW. I drooled over it for awhile and then he handed me a Fierce Fury. I liked the feel and fit of the stock, the controlled round feed, excellent trigger, removable brake, cerakote, and the action was tight and really slick. Interest peaked I started researching them on the internet and was pleasantly pleased at what I was reading. 1/2 inch MOA guarantee, the machine shop they use located in Canada is very state of the art and has been making parts for Winchester and Marlin for 25 years, one piece wire EDM cut actions and bolts, hand lapped barrels etc.

 I bought one at Cabelas, 7mm Remington Magnum. I already have one 7mag and a couple other .284's so I have a lot of bullets to play with.

Picked up a Nightforce SHV 3x10x42 and a set of steel Nikon rings. The rifle came with Weaver style bases.




Decided to try Berger 168gHVLD's for the first time and with some advice from Lance loaded up some with 68g of Hodgdon 1000 seated fifty thousandths off the lands. The magazine length is 3.72... so no worry's about magazine length.

 First 5 shot group at 100 yards. far left shot was first shot.




Bumped up 1 grain of H1000 to 69g. Cleaned the rifle and shot this group. It was really windy with 15 to 20 mph cross winds. What the heck? 1 grain opened it up to this?




Shot another group of five with the same load but seated 80 thousandths off the lands. The single hole is the first shot after cleaning and cold barrel. I had no idea these Bergers were that finicky. This is my first time trying them.




Anyways I have right at 3K in this rifle with scope and rings. Check them out. I feel like it is a really great buy from a company who builds an entire rifle, from the ground up.

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Looks sweet!  I've gone over 220 round on my semi custom rifle trying to find that perfect node.  My bergers were finicky too.  Came out pretty good to .80 MOA but after lots of tries with the ELDx 143s Im finally in the 1/2 MOA.  Good luck and keep us posted.  I really enjoy reading peoples load developments 

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It can definitely be nice to find a well built rifle off the rack. However there is just something about building one that I really enjoy. The last 700 I bought came out of the box and completely apart without ever being shot. There was a pile of parts on the floor and action, bolt, trigger guard and action screws on my bench. A big smile was on my face and my wife was looking at me like I was insane. It is now a compact custom lightweight. 


The Berger VLD seems to be real touchy about how far it is seated off the lands. I load a series of rounds adjusting the COAL by 0.005 to 0.010 each set. As I fire the COAL sets I usually encounter a length that makes the bullet happy.

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