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  1. bo5953

    WTS - 300 Grain Arrowhead XLDs

    I will take the 209’s. PM inbound
  2. bo5953

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    For reporting...... I recently went to Washington State and they have made it so that if you do not turn in your harvest reports (salmon, steelhead, crab, deer, elk, etc...) you have to pay an additional fee the next year. I thought it was a good win/win for those that don't want to report and the G&F Dept. gets additional revenue.
  3. bo5953

    FREE Rabbit Hutch

    Hoping there is a kid out there that use this. FREE....... Double Rabbit Hutch (middle divider was removed) Removable end panels (2) "Hideaways" (2) 115v Fans (1) 115v Heat Lamp Located in East Mesa. Might be able to help deliver if close by. Call or message me. 602-777-0456
  4. bo5953

    Pay it forward - I will start

    It’s hers! Thanks AZDiamondHeat.
  5. bo5953

    Pay it forward - I will start

    Free Eberlestock X1 pack to youth hunter. Full disclosure: It's been used on many hunts and gone through many oxyclean baths for blood stains. One buckle is broken but it still works (see pics). The chest strap buckle broke and I put a new buckle on. The strap would slip on the buckle so I sewed it to my size. Overall the pack is in good shape and has a ton of life left in it. I can't find a size anywhere but I am 6'2" 260 lb. It fits me fine but is a little small for me. I was a bit more sleek when I bought it. Ha! I am sure it can be adjusted to fit most. Will be hunting Saturday 1/9. I will return text or pm's as soon as I can. In East Valley near McKellips and Hawes. text 602-777-zero456 or pm Thanks Bo
  6. (6) total $60 FTF Work near N. Phoenix Sportsman's - Live in East Mesa - Can meet somewhere in between. PM or text (602) Seven7Seven-045Six
  7. bo5953

    WTS - Couch and Rug

    Bump w/ lowered price
  8. bo5953

    WTS - Couch and Rug

  9. bo5953

    WTS - Couch and Rug

    Not hunting related but could be good for a couple of hunting hall passes if the wife/significant other likes them. The wife got some new furniture and this stuff needs to go. Would like to sell together. $450 total. Couch is +/- 10'-6" x 8'-6" Rug is +/- 8'-0" x 10'-0" Located in East Mesa. May be possible to help deliver if necessary and close. Call or message me. 602-777-0456
  10. bo5953

    WTB - Remington Wingmaster 870

    I have a 870 Wingmaster 12ga Magnum (2-3/4" or 3") that just sits in the closet. Send me a PM if interested. In Mesa.
  11. bo5953

    Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove

    I’ve had both. Pellet stove was great as long as I used the more expensive pellets. Cheap pellets would clog the auger with sawdust. Would also run into occasional problem with over feeding or under feeding of Pellets if left unattended for a long time. Maybe they are better today since this was 20yrs ago. Wood stove takes longer to warm up and is dirty. Biggest factor I ran into though is no power = no heat if using pellet stove as main source of heat.
  12. bo5953


    Here's a couple. Not sure you can use the Highlife though
  13. Just bought this $70 pack of ink cartridges from Walmart and then my printer broke. Thought I could get the printer fixed but no go. Took them out and taped the ends before I threw it away. Should have lots of life left on them. I know its a long shot but if I could turn them into $20 I'd be happy. I know I can't be the only guy that hates paying top dollar for these dang things. In the east valley and work in Phoenix. Willing meet in the middle if reasonable. Thanks for looking.