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  1. Saguaro

    Walther PDP

    So who has one? It’s all I’ve been able to think about for a few weeks. I want the compact 4” and trying real hard to find a reason not to buy one.
  2. Saguaro

    Arizona women target serial killer of Heber wild horses

    There’s all kinds of things wrong with the way this is reported. here are some good questions to ask- are you allowed to feed wild animals? are they wild or feral? are feral animals good for an ecosystem? why won’t they spread out and move to other locations? why will they let humans get close if they’re wild? why won’t they interview a wildlife biologist about these things?
  3. Saguaro

    223 AR

    Having more than one post is a good thing before trying to sell. This guy had another member that’s been here a while vouch for him, so that helps. Let’s be honest, how confident would anyone be handing money over to someone that just showed up.
  4. Saguaro

    Anybody work in canopy shade field

    Phoenix Tent and Awning. We use them for all of those shades.
  5. Saguaro

    1st Owner Looking to buy a new 4 Wheeler

    The problem I had with a Polaris is a weak front end. We were at the dunes playing around with a Trailblazer and hit something mildly hard. Well it broke the suspension. Here are side by side pics of a 2001 Honda and Polaris. It’s easy to see the Polaris has only one A arm and an obviously weak front end. After that, I have a hard time believing in them.
  6. Saguaro

    1st Owner Looking to buy a new 4 Wheeler

    Honda. Maybe Yamaha after that. I just had good luck with Honda and had a bad experience with Polaris that wouldn’t have happened with Honda. Polaris got their start in ATVs by using snowmobile tech. You can tell that they didn’t want to re-tool too much or hire different engineers. They just put a snowmobile platform on wheels. One good thing about that, is they are great for women and children. All you need to do is show them where the gas, brake and start button is. The next day you can show them how to check to make sure fuel is in it.
  7. Saguaro

    Unit 10 property ( BOTH Sold)

    Do you have a septic system? I know one person that has land up there and he doesn’t. He does have a good plan. Since he only goes up a few times a year, they will use the black and grey water as needed and when they leave, the last thing is to drain the two into a hole away from the trailer before they drive away. The stink and grossness is long gone by the time they come back. Do you do something like that?
  8. Saguaro

    Contractor needed in Snowflake

    Try to find Chris Pringle. I worked with him on a custom home in Show Low back in 99. He lives in Snowflake I think, at least he did. His wife’s family has Trappers Cafe, so you may be able to find him through there.
  9. Saguaro

    Infrared ???

    Just hope they don’t figure out how to mount infrared on drones.
  10. Saguaro

    Any Ruger American rifles for sale?

    Buds gun shop has what you’re looking for. I bet Healy could order you one too.
  11. Saguaro

    All firearms must be Registered

    When I see videos like this, I ALWAYS try to find the other side’s explanation to try my best to understand. All I can find is the pro 2A explanation, which I belong to. I don’t know why they can’t defend this bill publicly if it’s something they’re proud of. Now, when we kick and scream, we’re alt right, over privileged and misguided. Well, explain it to us and answer our questions about it. Seems fair to me. If any of you see the Democrats defense of this bill or any explanation from them about its contents, please post it, because I can’t find anything.
  12. Saguaro

    Unit 27 outfitter

    DC Outfitters
  13. Saguaro

    Gotta love those seniors

    It would have been funny if he gave her Garden Deluxe Tokay.
  14. Saguaro

    Need a storage shed transported

    It looks like he built it on top of existing hardscape. Be careful with that when you set it up. It might be that the walls were built to that slope and not flat and level like an independent slab. It looks like it might be low in the corner where it’s a little wet. You can take a lazer to check that out.
  15. Saguaro

    Need a storage shed transported

    Transport of that may be expensive. I’m not sure of the laws, but I don’t think you can haul 10’ in width anywhere you want. You may need a permit and have to do it only during certain times of the day. Blocking and rigging to get to the transport phase may be another part of the price. Look at it as a project instead of a haul. There may be multiple items to this. The transport company may not make any guarantee that they can set it plumb and level and they can only load and unload. If you plan on your backyard, that may complicate things getting it back there.