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  1. Saguaro

    I-17 Traffic Alert **UGH**

    I 17 is always bad. It took me three times traveling to Flagstaff to figure out I’m better off going through Payson. Usually on fridays it takes an hour and a half to get from Higley and the 202 to I17 and Happy Valley. Then it’s at least two hours to get to Camp Verde. Don’t forget driving back. Usually it’s Sunday for me and almost 100% of the time there’s an accident somewhere near new river. I’ve had it where I’m stuck in park for almost an hour before I crawl forward at 5mph for 45 minutes. Never again. I’ll always go through Payson.
  2. Me too. In 1992, my dad had me drive this road at night when I was 13. We just finished up building my grandmothers porch in Eloy, AZ and took the trail to Roosevelt and then to Young and on into Holbrook. He took over when we got to the 260. The Globe/Young road had snow and ice as well and I was sliding around and banging into bar ditches. He always liked to take different routes to get places. Driving the highways is boring and everyone does that.
  3. Saguaro

    Ruger 10/22 Left handed

    It’s not offered in a left hand model. Kind of surprising since the patent is expired and it’s one of the most common 22lr out there. Someone should make it. The only semi auto that could be called left handed is the browning SA 22.
  4. Saguaro

    Looking to buy a 2013-16 Tacoma .

    I agree they’re built to last. At work, a guy has a 1995 that he bought new and still drives it. Too many of us spend our fortunes on vehicles. Even though they are good, I can bring myself to own a Foreign vehicle.
  5. Saguaro

    Cool Finds

    No, I’m an amateur compared to the Hatch’s. I try real hard, but the Deer always see me and run.
  6. Saguaro

    Cool Finds

    Biglakejake, you're the one person on this site that mentions every place I’ve been or think about on a regular basis weather it’s high or low. Get out of my head. I bet we’ve crossed paths before. I archery hunt in 37B every year with a buddy. We always joke about bringing old or unremarkable Elk sheds and spread them out just to see if someone on the forum talks about a cool find and to start arguments about Elk being out there.
  7. Saguaro

    Need a commercial roofing company

    Chris @ Specialty Roofing
  8. Saguaro

    University of Arizona looking to change its 'UA' abbreviation

    Maybe people can search U of A instead of UA. I know it sucks, but when you’re in typing mode and know what you want to show up, maybe a few more letters could help. It’s kind of like me typing “guns” and getting disappointed with what shows up. At least I know there’s more work to do than just type “guns” and I didn’t even go to college.
  9. Saguaro

    hits the spot

    It’s one of my favorites. I like anything Oliver Stone. This film has a lot of his filming style I enjoy so much like parts of it in slow motion and black and white. Other parts were filmed in 6mm. There was a funny part when Sean Penn went to the Groceria, which isn’t a Spanish word, to get a cold soda and the lady thought he wanted something to eat and handed him Twinkies of all things. Then Billy Bob Thornton was at his house late at night playing Twister by himself with a porno in the background when Sean Penn showed up to pay for the Mustang repairs, thornton wasn’t sure of his intentions so he held a kitchen pan as a weapon. That was real funny to me.
  10. Saguaro

    hits the spot

    U-Turn. Oliver Stone movie.
  11. Saguaro


    I stop by just about every one I see in the different parts of the valley I happen to be working in. It’s always a dream of mine that I will find something good. It doesn’t even have to be modern, I would be happy with an old rolling block Remington, Mauser, Weatherbys, S&W revolvers, WW2 carbines or even a beat up m700 for a donor. All I’ve seen in the last 8 or 9 years have been junk. Once in a while, you may see a nice revolver but it’s overpriced. I think with the internet, the quality firearms the shop gets, goes to gunbroker.
  12. Saguaro

    questionable AZ history

    I would like to know more about that train robbery in Adamana. I’m out there often and sometimes check out the old siding and buildings. You can still see where an old water tower sat. It’s cool to think about what it must have been in the old days. Do any of you remember Bob Varner? I was real young and still remember when two men killed him in Winslow and were on the run for about two days. They did a home invasion near Geronimo Rd and barricaded themselves in a house near Hibbard Road and one died. I think he was the only Navajo County Sheriff deputy killed in the line of duty.
  13. Saguaro

    questionable AZ history

    Is Navajo Coke, Garden De Luxe Tokay?
  14. Saguaro

    questionable AZ history

    I love AZ history too. I always try to watch Arizona Highways and buy any book I can about Arizona. I'm surprised I don’t know the Navajo Coke answer.