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  1. Saguaro

    New build actions

    I would say go with a 60° action since it may be your last. Terminus make a good one that fits the Remington footprint. I really like not opening a bolt way up there and the smaller throw has other advantages too.
  2. Saguaro

    Setting kids up for the shot

    No problem. You’re right. When I’m wrong about something I can accept it.
  3. Saguaro

    Setting kids up for the shot

    There are a lot of positions to shoot from. I’m not anti Bipod, I have my share of them, 5 total with three different manufacturers, but they feel like too much when I’m carrying everything and have something bulky near the end of my rifle. When I’m doing long range, I use them but most of my deer or elk shots are from 75-400 yards. Something I have confidence in without a bipod. im a lefty and this position feels real good for me. Notice how he sits on his foot. A good thing to do is try them all and see what works. Doing that can only help, not hurt. After that, bring out the bipod.
  4. Saguaro

    Setting kids up for the shot

    I never had bipods or clamp or any device to hold my rifle. I was about the same age too. Maybe it’s where I grew up and was blessed with a lot of plinking, rabbit hunting, prairie dog shooting and just getting out very often that helped me. Before I had my .270, I was using the old man’s 257 Roberts on coyotes and used what was available like prone, kneeling, fence post or tree limb. When I got the 270, we went out and shot the heck out of it. So much that I could hit with decent accuracy no matter what since the gun was kind of a part of me. Some of the times we went out, we didn’t fire a shot but I carried the rifle the whole time that it imprinted and seemed easy to use after a while. Kind of like the military drills where they do pointless moves over and over that the rifle feels so useful, it’s kind of a part of you. That’s my recommendation, practice with practical shots. Bench rest work is good too. While at the bench or plinking, maybe use a bipod periodically if you’re worried about it, but don’t leave the bipod on while he is young. I think a bipod is not a good permanent rifle fixture, only temporary.
  5. That’s very nice of you. It might be hard to get rid of it even though it’s free and in good shape. It’s not the grey color that everyone has to put in their house because they saw it on tv.
  6. Saguaro

    Fishermen nearly won a tournament

    They were incredibly stupid. I’m not a real fisherman, but I know what big fish are. The biggest I ever caught was a little over 5 pounds and it was the most impressive thing to me for a while. They added around 8 pounds of weight. They really must have chit for brains to think they could put that much weight past pro fisherman that know way more than a regular guy like me. Part of the punishment for them should be getting their head examined and followed up with a procedure or counseling to help them better understand how dumb that really was.
  7. Saguaro

    East valley plumber needed

    I agree. We did a whole job in pro press and it’s code legal and holds up to this day. If the looks of it bothers you, I understand. Maybe cover it with insulation since it’s a small area. If you do a good job with wrapped insulation, it will still be a looker.
  8. Saguaro

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    To The hunters or anyone that knows about the unit 2 A, B, C, kills, please pm me to tell me the specifics on where, when, and any other details I might want. thank, you Saguaro
  9. Saguaro


    Sometimes the micro size cases can be difficult. Here are some of my K Hornets. IMG_0114.MOV
  10. I recently purchased the Steiner Predator 4 in 4-16 x 50. I was planning on putting it on a AR Varminter but changed my mind. I already have a Meopta FFP on an AR that’s real similar, so it would be kind of a bad idea. My plan now is to put it on my 223 bolt m700 when I get it rebarreled in about a year and use the Leupold Vari x III 3-15x50 that’s on it to put on the Varminter. The Steiner looks to be a good scope. I don’t think I will ever go with Vortex. I know a lot of people that like them, I just don’t have the respect for them yet. I see them as a company that has its success from marketing rather than reputation. Vortex was kind of pushed onto us I think. Camera land had a special where a new Steiner scope came with good quality rings. Keep a look out for that.
  11. Saguaro


    Bench-Source for me too.
  12. Saguaro

    Badgers, anyone?

    They’re one of the few animals I don’t shoot. I don’t have a problem with those that do, it’s just not for me for some reason.
  13. Saguaro


    I had a Black 2003 F 150 4 door XLT 4x4 with the 4.6L with 191,000 miles. I was the original owner. I regret trading it in. It was my first new vehicle and I was making good money at the time and went overboard with its maintenance. So overboard that I would put a new battery every two years weather it needed it or not and it never had any door dings or interior mess. It was a real cherry truck. I got $5750 at trade in in 2015 for a 2016 Sierra.
  14. Big Daddy’s looks good. Cibo does too, but I think they left a lot of the pizza makin ingredients off of their pizza. They left out a good 1 3/4” of cheese and other items off of the edge. No big deal, still looks good, everyone makes mistakes and it would be something to ask for on the next order with them.
  15. I honestly hope this sells. With 181,000 miles, It really makes me feel so much better about how much value is left in my two trucks.