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  1. Saguaro

    Financing travel trailer.

    While I don’t own a camper, I go with those that do. Maintenance is a big thing with them. It seems like everyone I’ve been in has had a water faucet problem of some type. Another common problem is the dish TV. Make sure you have two spare tires too. Trailers are the one thing on wheels that are real hard on tires. Another thing I learned that’s not related to the upkeep is that they are prone to getting broken into. It’s wise to not leave pricey items when you go out and leave the trailer all day. Maybe take the IPads and pistols with you when you leave.
  2. Saguaro

    Financing travel trailer.

    I agree with Twigsnapper. I always hunt for deals on trailers and there was one time I wish I would have bought one. It was used but hardly. What kept me from doing it is all the things that come with it like tags, insurance, cleaning and the maintenance like tires, plumbing and leaks. Storage is another thing, but I can store a 24’ with no problem on my property. Don’t underestimate renting one, at least in the beginning. I talk to a lot of RV owners and most only use their campers about 4 times per year if they’re lucky. You have to be honest with that part. If you only use it a few times, what’s the problem with renting one that has everything in working order? If you are a camping fool that goes out once a month for 4 or 5 days, it might be better to buy one. Most people I know work for a living and have chores to do on weekends and if they get out, it’s only for the day and they leave the camper behind.
  3. Saguaro

    Anyone else get their Stimulus Check?

    No check for me. I actually paid the Government an extra $1,455.
  4. Saguaro

    Big horn sheep range?

    That seems unbelievable, but the areas between there and Deming are not too populated so I guess it could be true. There are so many people out there that it would seem someone would report a lone sheep between those two places. Maybe even have pics at water holes. I remember a story that was told to me about 25 years ago about a collared elk near Escudilla was found near Anderson Mesa three days later. That part seems fishy, the three days part, but it doesn’t seem impossible that a transient bull could go that far. In Wyoming, deer migrate over 100 miles.
  5. Saguaro

    Chargemaster Lite

    I use the Chargmaster®️ Not the Lite. I haven’t had too much trouble, but I can tell it throws a few charges too heavy. What I do whenever I reload is have three scales on the table. I have a balance beam, and a RCBS electronic scale. Along with the scale that’s in the Chargemaster, that makes three. It’s easy to spot when it’s too heavy. The way you tell is when it’s slowly trickling powder, at the end before it beeps, it dispenses a few tenths that must have been built up in the tube. When I reload, I’m constantly checking the powder charges to be as perfect as possible. It takes time but it’s worth it. You’re better off buying another one and chitcan that one. RCBS has a newer version that I think I might get on my next big purchase. Take the time to look around. There might be something way better that we don’t know about. The RCBS Chargemaster is made in China. If you look at other reloading forums, thrrr might be something way better out there made in Germany, USA, or Japan.
  6. I’ve wondered that too. If they try to sue the state, they’ve lost my support. I heard of one person in Utah years ago that ran over and killed his toddler son because he was in a lifted truck and didn’t see him. It was a case of him talking to someone while he was in the drivers seat and the kid wandered around the truck and ended up in front when he pulled away. No charges were filed. I can see how that could happen and I hate lifted trucks for that reason. I feel he didn’t need to go to jail to learn from that mistake, negligence or whatever you call it.
  7. Fair enough. What do you think is a fair sentence?
  8. That’s the negligence Stanley was talking about. Then there’s degrees of negligence. You mentioned two or three in your scenario. 1. Drinking 2. History of drinking. The third could be driving but I’ll consider you meant drinking and driving as one. Drinking and driving has been socially unacceptable for a while now and I don’t think you’ll get many people that think someone who’s killed while doing that needs to escape justice.
  9. It has a lot to do with intentions. With a gun, it’s hard to have innocent intentions. It also has a lot to do with what society feels justice is worth. It serves justice to lock up the guy with a gun, weather or not there’s remorse his sentence will reflect. A loving parent(s) that made a mistake and cost the lives of their kids, some would say you don’t need prison for that one to serve justice. If they did what they did with malice, then they deserve prison.
  10. I have a question for those that want to see these people go down. How much time in prison do you think is enough?
  11. Saguaro

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    I wonder if they would have made that honest mistake if they were going after a cow instead of a big bull.
  12. Saguaro

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    I agree oz31p. I hear about it all the time. Another common trait about Poachers is the use of the Dumb Card. They had no idea they were in the wrong place, or didn’t know the boundary was there. It’s about getting that big animal at any cost, and if there’s trouble, plead ignorance and you’ll get a deal because courts are willing to forgive pretty easily crimes like this.
  13. Saguaro

    Fishing at ROSY

    I drove by Roosevelt today. It looks like it has another 50’ to go before it reaches the top of the dam.
  14. Saguaro


    In the late 80s I would go to there in a Folbot and my dad would paddle and I would troll. I remember using green or yellow jigs and you could see the bluegill come out of the canyon shadows and strike at the jig. It seems like the lure was always too big for those small fish. It really was a nice place, maybe not for fish, but a nice place until the 2000s. I wish they would improve it.
  15. Saguaro


    NOTAGS, or anyone have you ever fished Chevelon Canyon near McLaws Road?