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  1. Saguaro

    2023 Honda Rincon

    Honda Rincon. 55 miles and 11.5 hours. Clean title, located in Holbrook, AZ. $8500.
  2. Saguaro

    LH model 700 300 WBY

    Final price drop.
  3. Saguaro

    LH model 700 300 WBY

    New price.
  4. Saguaro

    LH model 700 300 WBY

    Left hand Remington 700. Shilen barrel with brake, timney trigger, DNZ scope base, sling. Components include bullets, brass, dies and ammo boxes. Around 185 pieces of brass, mostly Weatherby brand and some Nosler. Bullets as shown, around 230 pieces. Two sets of dies. One RCBS and one Redding. Redding is new Type S Match. Most pieces of brass are once fired or new, never fired. I have 50 pieces loaded up with the TSX Barnes. Nothing wrong with the rifle. I just tend to not use it like I should. Maybe it’s because it’s kind of expensive to shoot. I use the non magnums almost all the time to hunt and I had this built because I thought I had to have a magnum. It really likes the factory Weatherby 180 grain partition and it shoots them as well as the reloads. They’re about $100 a box. Whole package is $1050.00. If interested in the rifle without all of the components or some of the components, I’m willing to separate if it’s fair for both parties. Message me here and I will check up throughout the days. I’m located in Holbrook, AZ but regularly visit Show Low, St. John’s and Winslow.
  5. Saguaro

    Thanks to all for replies

    Good job making it a project. I had a lot of fun with my dad doing that. We started with a Baja Bug and went to a 55 CJ 5 with a 302 v8 and did a lot of tinkering on his planes. It helped me out because when anything went wrong, usually minor, I could fix it. It helped when it was a carburetor and computer minimum vehicle too.
  6. Saguaro

    Would you spend this much on a Benchmade knife?

    My family has a thing with knifes. We even have our share of Benchmade. I don’t think anyone would buy that unless they are a collector. Titanium is very cool though. It’s not the price, because even the wealthy wouldn’t buy it since they are usually smart with money. It’s a hobby thing. I do like the modern knifes like this one over the old trapper type of yesterday. I think I will get a Case G-10 Marilla as an everyday carry.
  7. Saguaro

    Custom 221 Fireball

    Real good deal. Someday I will get one. The Fireball is the perfect cartridge to shoot high volume center fire and not go broke. I got the K Hornet for this reason and it provides me much joy at the range. Congratulations to whoever got it. It will make a very useful rifle for you.
  8. Saguaro


    16 year old could handle a 30-06. It’s a matter of trigger time more than any caliber. It’s important he shoots more than a few times before the hunt. I was handed a 270 when I was 13 and we used it all the time from the range to varmints before I went on a big game hunt.
  9. Saguaro

    Wood stock refinish

    You can definitely do it yourself. If it turns out like garbage, you can probably get a new stock for a few hundred more than someone would likely charge to refinish. Keep the old one and it can be used as a template for a stock maker somewhere. I did a model 60 marlin on my own and it was pure junk. Almost to the point of throwing it away. That’s why I decided to try it out. If it turned out bad. No big deal, I’ll just toss it. Lots of videos on YouTube to help you out. Watch plenty before you do it.
  10. Saguaro

    Game processor

    Casey’s is good, been there many times. Make sure to call to make sure they have the room before you go there. I made the trip one day after an elk hunt 200 miles away and was promptly met by one of the workers before I got my other leg out of the truck and was told they can’t do it. No other people were unloading theirs at the time. It was hopeless for me to beg. I thought it was going to be as routine as every time I go there.
  11. Saguaro

    Camping etiquette ( what's wrong with people ? )

    I think the confrontation started out badly. I’m kind of like everyone here and think I do no wrong and always have the right way of thinking, and when I’m a victim, I deserve better and command respect. However, my time spent in my career dealing with different egos and attitudes have taught me a few tricks for a situation like that where using the correct words and body language can make the two parties comfortable with each other from the start. Them being there can switch from you being annoyed to you sharing some good cooking and brews. The Mexicans I know always bring the good stuff to camp.
  12. Saguaro

    Sierra 69 gr. .224 Matchkings

    Best deal ever. Way too bad I’m not close or I would jump on this. These are my bullets for a few guns and they are accurate.