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  1. Saguaro

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    I’m going to have to look at Jard a little more. I seem to gloss over them but I hear that name more and more lately.
  2. Saguaro

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    Haven’t done one on an XBolt, but have on an Abolt. All it was is a spring. Worked out well. I would say do it. I like Timney, they are a local company and I have them in most of my rifles. Their Ruger triggers are no good, but I think that’s Rugers fault.
  3. Saguaro

    Raccoon Hunting

    I never saw a Racoon until I saw those on 32nd street. Probably 35 years without seeing one. The Electrician is the one that pointed them out to me. They would go to the dumpsters and try to find food. Lions are where I have bad luck. Only seen one and I think I do a lot of getting out and looking. Others here make seeing them sound so routine.
  4. Saguaro

    Raccoon Hunting

    32nd street and I-10. On the north west corner in the ADOT right of way and into the landscaping of the nearby buildings. I did work there when it was UoP online and would get there every morning before the sun came up. Saw them every day. I don’t know who’s there now. It’s worth a look. There may be security, but they may be cool about it.
  5. Saguaro

    Over the counter tags

    I don’t know if it’s all about the money, but just like everyone else under the sun, more is better. I don’t know anyone that says they make enough money. The long term solution is more land. That’s why everyone is upset. Everywhere they go they see someone. It’s because there’s fewer places to go. Those places left are full of not just hunters, it’s everyone interested in getting away like the ATV guys, campers, shooters, etc.. I don’t know what to do about that except maybe pay land owners not to build like we pay farmers not to grow. Get prepared! When the only land left is public and the agencies are scrambling with what fees to add or increase and what places to close down or restrict due to overcrowding and other problems, what are we going to do?
  6. Saguaro

    Over the counter tags

    You’re right, I think the focus should be available land. You mentioned the early 80s, think what the Prescott valley looked like then and what it looks like now. Anthem wasn’t even on the drawing board yet. Starlight pines was about a dozen or so houses and Bison Ranch wasn’t there. Pine and Strawberry weren’t as spread out either. I’m sure there are more places to mention but those amount to a huge chunk of land gone forever. There was a lot more rain back then too. Rain or not, I think the wildlife will do ok if they have space.
  7. Saguaro

    Remington 7400 Forend same as 742 & 740?

    It seems like it would be very difficult to find a replacement. Maybe those stock makers like Boyd’s has replacement pieces, I don’t know. It almost sounds like you find a used rifle that’s not cracked and swap them and try to sell the rest. If it’s not too bad, you can fix the crack with epoxy. There are plenty of videos on YouTube about that. I sometimes watch them to see how the repair turns out. The channel Mark Novak, shows a few repairs to mausers and other WW2 rifle foreends. He does a good job.
  8. Saguaro

    Ammo Increases Coming in April

    I believe it’s all caused by us. If everyone made a conscious decision to not buy any ammo for about two months, watch the price come down like a MF. Oh and there will be a huge supply as well. But it’s America, we can’t help but to want it now.
  9. Saguaro

    Name that gun!

    C93 Borchardt. I saw it on another channel I like on YouTube called Forgotten Weapons. I think it also had the first detachable magazine in a pistol. Before then, they were stripper clips.
  10. Saguaro

    Name that gun!

    I’m curious to the value. PM me if you don’t want to post here. These old shotguns and rifles are starting to appeal to me. I guess the current stuff has gotten kind of bland and the old stuff more interesting. I watch this a lot lately. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCM86hA7E1y3vOJuzdqCXh1Q
  11. Saguaro

    Name that gun!

    I have to be honest. That was one of my guesses. It kind of looked like I thought it the whole time. I recommend going to an auction house or gunbroker. The crowd here won’t give what that’s worth.
  12. Saguaro

    Name that gun!

    That’s what I was thinking
  13. Saguaro


    It’s everywhere now. It will be just like trying to find an unmolested place back east. It’s sprawled out almost everywhere except public lands. It will be just like Africa and South America where the only wild places are national parks or public lands. I notice it more and more. Think about it... If you take the Concho turn off at 180 and take it to Concho, then on the 61 to the 60 to Show Low and take the 260 to Heber driving through Linden, Pinedale, it’s populated the whole way, about 80 miles. There’s a small stretch just before Bison Ranch that’s open. Some of those places you don’t know if it’s Concho or Vernon, or Linden or Clay Springs, Pinedale or Aripine.
  14. Saguaro

    Paying Children Allowance

    I don’t know what the best thing to do is. I never got an allowance, but I’m not going to say my parents didn’t help me out. My dad always carried cash. If I needed money, I would ask for it. He almost always said no. I guess it was training to not become spoiled. My mom would almost always give me money. I remember him one time fighting with her because she gave me one dollar to buy Garbage Pail kids cards after he told me no. He said “I can’t be given what I want all the time”. All of us kids started a part tome job when we were 16 and we could do whatever we want. Still, my parents helped out with vehicles, insurance and things like that.
  15. Saguaro


    I like the San Pedro. I have a few books on Arizona and it used to be quite the River. There are stories about the early people hunting near it and the deer were easy targets and there were even bears in there. Now it’s too far gone with the tamarisk and agriculture. It’s amazing what 100 years will do to a place. You can’t hardly go without seeing a structure the whole length. I think I found one stretch where you can go for about three miles without seeing anything marred by man. I wish I could see what the next hundred years will do to it.