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  1. Saguaro

    LabRadar chronograph

    Congratulations on the purchase. It looked to be a good deal. I have one on backorder and real excited about it. A few things I learned when watching videos and reading up on tips from other Labradar enthusiasts is that you may want to consider a few more items to go along with it. Things like a carry case, good tripods for low and bench height, trigger sensor, battery pack, & aiming devise. I bought the orange carry case but I think I screwed up. An instrument like that deserves a hard case like a Pelican or equivalent.
  2. Saguaro

    WTB bolt action 223

  3. Saguaro

    WTB bolt action 223

    I’ll answer your question with a question. What kind of speeds should I want? Lol
  4. Saguaro

    WTB bolt action 223

    Most of the new stuff out there is only available in 18-24 inch barrels. My model 700 223 is my favorite rifle of all time, I can’t get enough of it. I bet you will enjoy one too. Take your time looking for one and try to find one with at least a 26” barrel. For some reason they made them before when target/varmint rifles were taken seriously. I’m not necessarily recommending Remington, but I love mine. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/916472432
  5. Saguaro

    Barrett M82a1 package deal

    This isn’t a bad deal with the scope, case and ammo. I’m a lefty so unfortunately I can’t use it or I would consider it very much. This is one of those guns that can’t get any more manly.
  6. Saguaro

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    It might be a good idea to get less than lethal weapons if you are the type of person that has a victim complex or otherwise can’t seem to avoid situations like this. It might actually be fun to taze someone, blast them with bean bags or douse them with mace. Although sometimes that turns deadly and that wouldn’t be fun at all.
  7. Saguaro

    Guess the Score??

  8. Saguaro

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    There has to be video of this somewhere, post it if you find it before it gets deleted. We never miss an opportunity to film drama or trauma.
  9. Saguaro

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    It’s hard to have sympathy for the dead dude. He was 37 and should have known better. I’ve been there plenty where both drivers are mad. I usually make the next turn and get away from it. I’m usually armed when driving although not every time. It’s nice to go home at the end of the day. It feels good when you don’t have to waste someone over something stupid too.
  10. Saguaro

    how do these otc archery outfitters do it?

    They have a hard time with scores. I’ve seen plenty where they talk about the buck being 180 or bigger and that’s from them looking at it and not measuring it. Elk are much more inflatable to the point you need to subtract 20” right away from what some of these guides are claiming. A 180 Net typical is a very big deer. Many times it can gross over 180 and the net is much lower than that. I have a set of antlers from NM from 1974 and it grosses 191 and nets just over 180 officially. When it comes to the final score after drying, that’s something that you usually never see or ever hear about unless it actually makes the book, then they most certainly post about that, but a lot fall short and they never mention that again. It’s human nature to overestimate things and whenever I hear a score I’m skeptical unless I see a score sheet with an offical scorer’s name after the 90 day drying time. That is probably what we see a lot of, the overuse 180. From a guides point of view, it doesn’t hurt to claim being around lots of 180 deer.
  11. Saguaro

    Weaver Rings

  12. Saguaro

    Weaver Rings

    Willing to consider partial trade for left handed rifles like Cooper, Anschutz, Sako or Dakota. Or Nightforce rifle scope or other comparable optics.
  13. Saguaro

    Weaver Rings

  14. Saguaro

    Where Am I?

  15. Saguaro

    224 bullets for trade