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  1. azbugler

    Popcorn thread

    Was just thinking about this case. Man it’s been a long time!
  2. azbugler

    Wapiti Wednesday Photos

    Some great pics! Thanks for sharing!
  3. azbugler

    Any recent velvet pics?

    They were early to start for sure. I’ll be anxious to see what the back ends look like in the next round of pics. It seems like every year the velvet shed doesn’t vary much though. Right at the middle of August. Take a couple of weeks off for dry out and they should finish within the next 2-3 weeks. You’re right on the auction tags!
  4. azbugler

    Any recent velvet pics?

  5. azbugler

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

  6. azbugler

    12 points...now what?

    Avoid 23 and 9 and apply for an early archery hunt again. you've come too far to cave for a poor unit or late hunt. You should be able to draw some good early hunts with 12.
  7. azbugler

    Results are posted!!!

    I broke down and put in for a late archery hunt. Im getting too old to wait 7-10 years between tags. So I drew the late tag in my home unit and the wife drew the early archery tag! Going to be some fun!
  8. azbugler

    7W Archery Bull Elk tag to be donated

    Thanks for all you do Tom! Just awesome! Wish I could pull it myself. I’d absolutely love to, but have burned all my days off for a while.
  9. azbugler

    First Elk Down!

  10. azbugler

    Monsoon report

    Some great rains this last week. Almost every tank was filled up on the rim. Seeing some real nice bulls too.
  11. azbugler

    2017 Az archery elk hunt

    Very nice!
  12. azbugler

    when did you shoot your first big game animal

    Spring turkey 1984. I was 11 years old.
  13. azbugler

    4b Question

    Most all of it is open and unposted. There are a few specific ranch areas that are locked. Ive been up there a lot in the last month. Have the archery tag. You?
  14. azbugler

    The Trail Cam Celebration

    Bingo! It actually gives some people an opportunity they wouldnt otherwise have. And it will not draw the big money due to the fact that its a regular or almost regular season. Put simply, its worth some money for sure but not hundreds of thousands like the current raffle tags.
  15. azbugler

    Dead Lion

    Wow! Got nothing. Gotta be some cool trail cam pics coming though....