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  1. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Murdered jaguars............ Oye .
  2. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    No, no, and no. I don’t mess with other people’s property. Just how I was raised. I fully support the AZG&F and am hopeful they will solve this one. It’s tough to see this kind of crap happening in the area. Never had these problems 20 or even 10 years ago. Recently poaching, theft, criminal damage, tire spikes in road, and on and on. There’s a few law abiding citizens who’ve had it.
  3. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Oh boy...... ya the plot thickens. Truth is we’ll hopefully find out soon. Who killed the bull and who spent the entire summer stealing other peoples trail cams because of the bull. Obsessed over the bull? He was nice and I’d have loved to have a crack at him. I’m more concerned about catching a scum bag. People like that don’t belong in the woods.
  4. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Now there’s where you’ve got it wrong!
  5. azbugler

    Loren McReynolds Goes Down

    Wow! And now you know “The REST of the story”!
  6. azbugler

    Elk loading 101

    That’s so cool!
  7. azbugler

    CHAMP Hunt.

    This is awesome! Amazing job! Took my dad out last year in the champ hunt. I couldn’t get him to see through the scope! This contraption might just be the ticket. That’s amazing. Congratulations!
  8. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Yes sir! That was EXACTLY the point!
  9. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Two separate issues as far as I’m concerned. The first step is finding the poacher. As far as I’m concerned, we all have a duty to report out on what we know, if anything, to make sure people like this are called out. From there we can argue and fight for the proper punishment. Most of these guys, it’s not their first rodeo. Making an example would be great!
  10. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    🙄 I guess we’ll find out when those horns go to auction.
  11. azbugler

    Giant Muzzleloader Bull

  12. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Here’s another
  13. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Anyone ever seen a $6,000 reward for a 350 bull?? 😂
  14. azbugler

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    He’s well over 400. Beams are 60+. I initially had him at 405 and underbid.
  15. azbugler

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    Seems like I spend half of my life walking in the dark. Like some others have said, rattlesnakes scare me the worst. But that’s why God invented headlamps!