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  1. spooby

    The I’ve been drawn for DEER thread

    I drew a December mule deer tag. Got tired of waiting on a strip tag and I'm actually little stoked to chase deer again with a rifle..
  2. spooby

    Results are up

    I'm missing bonus points for elk and antelope. They have alot of fixing still to do..
  3. spooby

    Results are up

    Portals have been updated and show what tags you got.
  4. spooby

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Every year multiple times a year! will never change. Plus everything going to paperless by the end of the year so everyone that usually sends in paper app will add to this craziness
  5. spooby

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    They said they were trying to get them out by this afternoon. If not it would be monday sometime and that came from someone that's working the draw.
  6. spooby

    Docter Big Eyes 30x80

    These still available?
  7. spooby

    1 Day!!!

    Last year they hit CC the day after CC update. So if they hit CC tomorrow would be exactly the same as last year, and was on a Friday as well.
  8. spooby

    1 Day!!!

    There is No way i think i would ever even reach 10 BP, can't imagine 23??
  9. Got my 2017 Archery buck back and it looks great!! Thanks again Josh @ Desert Edge Taxidermy. Always does awesome work!!
  10. I don't know but that's a really cool looking falcon. I'd like to see some footage from that camera! That's not one of my falcons. i do have a camera for them but smaller then the one pictured. But i still haven't got around to setting it up.
  11. Think they could get me for scouting with live feed camera, if i started running a camera on my falcons?
  12. How am I supposed to take you seriously when you're literally on the internet as we speak CLEARLY It was a JOKE... But for argument sake a person can easily access the internet without owning a computer. Good thing the draw is coming earlier this year. Some of you guys are wound up a little tight....lol Its 3 Days before they are supposed to start hitting cards so everyone is ancy as it is. Now this news, so everyone that put in for units that they have never been to, May not being able to put cameras on water may be an issue... lol Sure this topic will die off by Friday
  13. Computer? How are you on this web site? i'm on this site and don't own a computer.. all done from cell phone
  14. Maybe, Maybe Not. But now every guy out there that didn't have a reason to mess with cameras, NOW has a reason to. So hopefully everyone understand the new law and doesn't place them on water or near it cause they are now guaranteed to get messed with,destroyed or stolen.
  15. read #5 page 34 says -- A person shall not use any trail camera, or images from a trail camera, for the purpose of taking or aiding in the take of wildlife within one-fourth mile (440 yards) of the outer perimeter of a developed water source.