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  1. I have a 12' enclosed trailer which will be a tight fit, but I also have access to a 16 flatbed trailer.....could load the quad/trailer hooked together on that one for transport.
  2. Anyone else using an ATV Wagon for hunting/camping?? If so, post some photos.......
  3. Been eyeballing these little beauties for years but was held back buying one due to the $1,500 retail price....made by BOSSKI in Caldwell, Idaho.....they make a tandem axle version (much bigger) and a couple of utility open dump bed designs as well for hauling, etc. Here's a link to their products: Bosski Built One popped up locally for $300 on FaceBook and I was fortunate enough to be the first to respond. The unit was built in the late 90's but other than needing a fresh set of tires and a gas shock support for the lid it's in great shape!! Decided to upgrade to a 4-ply tire instead of going with the stock 2-ply.....since I hunt/camp in rough areas and sharp rocks are brutal on tires. Would have gone with more ply's but the 25x12x9 size limits what's available. The unit can handle up to 800 pounds of gear and weighs in at 215 pounds empty. Overall length is just at 7' from the tongue to back of trailer and the overall length hooked to the quad is just at 14' Biggest challenge is coming up with a way to secure the cargo/gear to keep it from bouncing around. Will try different size bins but do not want to drill holes for tie-downs because the unit is pretty much water tight and I don't want to compromise that. Look forward to getting out and seeing how it does camping/hunting as spring weather approaches.
  4. Sorry guys, here's the scoop for this year in 19A....... My buddies daughter scored a nice cow in the Cherry area in the late October hunt and they saw a nice little 3x3 bull running with the cows. They also saw a bear in the area. My bull hunt was uneventful.....in fact, did not see a single elk! Did see a photo of a very nice 340 class bull that was shot in 19A by another friend who had the bull tag. That bull was a toad and I was amazed to hear of a bull that size was in 19A.
  5. Thanks to those who have contacted me I appreciate your willingness to assist on this. Keep your powder dry!
  6. My go to has been my Browning A-Bolt in 30-06 and I will probably stick with it. However, I will most likely add a rifle in .300 WSM in the future. Thanks for all the suggestions and opinions!
  7. These guys are avid hunters in Idaho and own a taxidermy business. They have been asking about the habits and patterns of the Coues Deer since they typically hunt Mule deer. I have told them that excellent and powerfull optics are a must as is patience. One question is if the Coues Deer migrate like the mule deer do or are they territorial? Do they tend to stay in a specific elevation throughout the year?? Do the bucks hang out at higher elevations in pre-rut or stay among the does?
  8. Good morning all, Although I am not a Coues Deer hunter (yet) I have a couple of out of state friends who were fortunate enough to draw a tag for the Dec hunt in 24B. However, they have never hunted Couse deer in AZ and know nothing about 24B. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can also have them contact you directly if you are willing to share. You can email me at tomgraham01@msn.com and I can put you in touch. They will check out this forum but they have not registered here yet. Thanks in advance,
  9. Good morning all, I am new to AZ and have been comtemplating putting in for coues deer. I have several rifles of various calibers and was curious what those of you who hunt AZ use?? Thanks in advance,
  10. I'll be hunting the OTC archery elk tag in Idaho late Sept which is an ANY ELK tag.....then I'll get serious about 19A and do a bit more scouting than last year. I feel like I am starting to get to know the area a bit and have a good idea of at least 3 areas that might be good choices for opening day.
  11. Daniel, thanks, I will be in touch as the hunt draws closer. My co-worker and his buddy drew two tags in 2016 and they both shot bulls that were less than 50 yards apart just north of the Perkinsville road. They were younger animals, and it was on the last day of the hunt.
  12. That is an incredible bull, espcially from 19A, nice work!
  13. The bull that I saw within rifle range was not far from Cherry and would have been a fairly easy shot. He was going between two springs that were about 2 miles apart.
  14. 2nd year living in AZ and drew my 2nd tag for 19A.......cow last year, bull this time around. I realize 19A is not a prime elk unit, but it's in my back yard......actually it is my back yard. The only shot I had last year was a bull last year and of course that's because I had the cow tag. The herd is small and I spent most of my time on or close to the Mingus range. Saw a group of 12 elk together and a few single animals last year. Not an easy hunt but still nice to get out in the woods. The monsoon is starting off great this season, I just hope it produces more than last year did......we desperately need the water after nearly a 10 month dry spell this past fall/winter/spring. Cheers,

    19A Cow hunt starting Dec. 8th

    Thanks all for the feedback, I considered this a learning/recon season and yes, I have come away with some valuable intel. I agree that I need to get it done early in the season if I pursue the tag again in the future and hopefully I can use the knowledge gained to do it!! I concentrate my elk hunting efforts in the state of Idaho as I prefer the non-resident over-the-counter archery ANY-ELK tag and I hit it the last 2 weeks of Sept typically as the rut is gearing up. Happy Holidays and good luck to you all and keep your powder dry!