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    Hi Dug, Good question. There were several changes but I am looking at mainly the transmission 4 speed to 5. Not a monstrous difference but if I am not in a hurry and if I can find exactly what I have been tasked to I would happier. An 04 Limited with significantly lower miles 100K +/- would certainly make up the difference. Still looking
  2. LB02


    I appreciate it ZJARCHER and wish yours was a year newer. Thank you again. still looking
  3. LB02


    Thank you and I sent him a text. Still currently looking
  4. LB02


    Hello, On the off chance someone here has one- I am Looking for a 2005 or newer Generation 1 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4x4 sub 200,000 miles preferred Please let me know what you have and what your asking price is. Thank you
  5. LB02

    No sheds but a pretty nice Dead head

    Good find
  6. LB02

    Unit 9 flatline map

    PM inbound
  7. LB02

    Unit 9 thoughts?

    Not terribly familiar with unit 9 but I would absolutely encourage you to go into Bull Basin there in Flag for answers / info on both of your queries. My $0.02
  8. LB02

    Unit 8 elk hunt

    Congrats, well earned
  9. LB02

    Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro

    Is this rest still available?
  10. LB02


    Shows $226 US Dollars With Free Shipping at 40% off Currently rugermack. When and where did you pick up the 65QT up for that price? I was shooting to be under the sale price.
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  12. LB02


  13. LB02


    PM replied to. STILL FOR SALE Thanks
  14. LB02


    FOR SALE- RTIC COOLER 65 QT WHITE $200 Used on 1 trip and in good condition, I also have a divider & basket for it. I simply do not need a 65 qt any more. Can meet near these locations depending on time of day. NW Valley / Phoenix (depending on when) PM is best Let me know if there are any questions. Thank you for looking
  15. LB02