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  1. LB02

    Sig P365 9mm

    PM inbound
  2. LB02


    PM Sent
  3. FYI- 3D Shoot this weekend ( 6.12 - 6.13 ) just south of Flagstaff. Flyer attached. 2021-Max-Hamilton-Flyer.pdf
  4. LB02

    WTB - Scout Gear

    Absolutely understandable. Appreciate the reply and wish you the best in this endeavor.
  5. LB02

    WTB - Scout Gear

    Flatlander, Let me know if a 3 burner white gas stove and a lantern would be of help as donations. I believe they are both functional but have been sitting and may need a rebuild. NW valley. Thanks
  6. LB02

    5BN early archery Bull

    PM sent
  7. LB02

    First Elk!

    As stated, tough hunt congratulations on your elk!
  8. LB02


    Hi Dug, Good question. There were several changes but I am looking at mainly the transmission 4 speed to 5. Not a monstrous difference but if I am not in a hurry and if I can find exactly what I have been tasked to I would happier. An 04 Limited with significantly lower miles 100K +/- would certainly make up the difference. Still looking
  9. LB02


    I appreciate it ZJARCHER and wish yours was a year newer. Thank you again. still looking
  10. LB02


    Thank you and I sent him a text. Still currently looking
  11. LB02


    Hello, On the off chance someone here has one- I am Looking for a 2005 or newer Generation 1 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4x4 sub 200,000 miles preferred Please let me know what you have and what your asking price is. Thank you
  12. LB02

    No sheds but a pretty nice Dead head

    Good find
  13. LB02

    Unit 9 flatline map

    PM inbound
  14. LB02

    Unit 9 thoughts?

    Not terribly familiar with unit 9 but I would absolutely encourage you to go into Bull Basin there in Flag for answers / info on both of your queries. My $0.02