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  1. bigmalcolm

    Looking for 22LR/mag brass

    I greatly appreciate it! 🙂 I was at a members place a few years ago and had 5-gallon buckets of rimfire brass and didn't know what to do with it. I just forget who it was.
  2. bigmalcolm

    Looking for 22LR/mag brass

    I want to try swaging as well as reloading it! I know a few people that do both... I wanna reload it just to kill time. Every since I got Covid over a year ago, my lungs are crap.. So I have a lot of down time. Used brass is fine. I don't think new brass is worth my time unless it's dirt cheap.
  3. bigmalcolm

    Looking for 22LR/mag brass

    Looking for 22 long rifle and 22 magnum brass. I'm in the east valley. Please let me know what you have and want for it. Malcolm
  4. bigmalcolm

    Merry Christmas 🎄

    Merry Christmas!
  5. bigmalcolm

    Dillon Precision reloading press & stuff

    dang! What a deal!
  6. bigmalcolm

    Wisconsin AEN motor

    Your inbox is full it says. Please pm what you're asking? I might have a need for this.
  7. bigmalcolm


    I'll take it!
  8. bigmalcolm

    300 Win Mag Factory Ammo - Tucson

    dang I wish you made it up to the valley... I would buy it all!
  9. Any photos of the rack on the truck? Also what does the rack weigh?
  10. bigmalcolm

    FoxProx FX3 For Sale

  11. bigmalcolm


  12. bigmalcolm


    dang thats a good deal!! The motors not even broken in yet!
  13. bigmalcolm

    Fs Ruger 10/22 and ammo $300

    What kind of scope?
  14. bigmalcolm


    I sent s text at 3:03 pm and haven't heard anything back.
  15. bigmalcolm

    Various Powder FS

    I will buy all remaining powder!