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    check PM
  2. bullwidgeon

    Sold Swarovski Big Eyes for sale

    How much do you want for just the two 30x eye-pieces?
  3. bullwidgeon

    Weiers memo

    I am sure others have seen this, but if you haven't look below. http://azgfd.net/artman/publish/NewsMedia/Commission-to-meet-on-Jan-25.shtml "The commission will be briefed on the status of state and federal legislation. It may also be asked to review the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the commission and the organization Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation. The commission may vote to take action or provide the department direction on these items. " I am still waiting for the designers of this bill to come out and say what their point is, and if this was so good for AZ Sportsmen why all the other groups that used to support AZSFW weren't notified of it's dire need and it's potential impact to "Johnny Dickweed" (who must wait in line for tags like me and the rest of us)... Bret Mattausch.
  4. bullwidgeon

    San Carlos Gobbler!!

    You should have held out for one with 2 beards, I did !!! I am glad I got a tag for next year on the way home. Nice story and congrats on the bird and exciting hunt, the amount of gobbling was something else up there this year! Bret M.
  5. bullwidgeon

    Nichols Guide Service.. WMA???

    They are good at bear hunting. I have ran into them in the field on bear in the pear hunts and seen them in action. Nice guys too. The res is full of bears too, I can't imagine it would be a bad time.... Bret M.
  6. bullwidgeon

    Any one shoot this Ram yet

    I don't think anyone killed him and I think all the unit 22 hunters are done. He will be there next year if the lions don't get him.
  7. bullwidgeon

    Anyone draw or know who drew 37a?

    Cute little fella he is... Bret Mattausch.
  8. bullwidgeon

    Is tihs a Big Black Bear?

    Bad angle, hard to tell if your talking about skull size/record book entry status.
  9. bullwidgeon

    Huge Bucks

    They were there, they were being killed, you didn't hear about them. Also blown up gross scores get exagerrated as well. I would bet if looking at actual net Boone and Crockett entries from Arizona the amount entered every year has not shot up as much as you think from say the 1980's until now. Any sort of increase in entries from Arizona could probably be attributed to the fact that a select few seriously hunted Coues deer 20 years ago, and even less people seriously hunted them 30 years and so on. Bret
  10. bullwidgeon

    A record book bear

    19 inch bear is big, usually older bear. 20 inches is a really good bear and 21 inches is equivalent to a 380 bull or 110 NET typical Coues deer. I refer only to spot and stalk. I can imagine it might be easier to pick through and be more selective if hound hunting, but even then there aren't very many big Arizona bears killed every year, and d@mn few when you take Indian Reservation bears out of the picture. Bret
  11. bullwidgeon

    Unit 33 suggestions

    Only 1 word can sum up this post. Rincons! All the big bucks in 33 live in the Rincons. Word is bond. El Breto
  12. bullwidgeon

    San Carlos Unit C January

    Hey Jackweed, The 2nd biggest coues deer I have ever seen in Arizona was a few hundred yards away from the fence/boundary of unit C, not that I have ever seen a "big" coues deer before. That doesn't mean I am going to tell you where it was, you need to go scout. You have a good tag, to waste that tag by not scouting makes you a giant doosh. If you resign yourself to general dooshiness, then at least hire a local guide from Bylas, San Carlos or Peridot, one of them might be able to help you. Word is bond... El Breto
  13. bullwidgeon

    Unit 2A in AZ mule deer hunt

    There are not very many deer there. I have seen some giant bucks over the years but never during hunting season. Overall sucess is super low and most of the bucks are killed by locals who are able to watch them and scout all year long, Overall I would say for a nonresident that hunt sucks unless you can come a month early and scout the heck out of it or if you are OK with shooting one of the spikes or 2 pointers that stays along the multiple parks and Wildlife areas along the Little Colorado. Bret M.
  14. bullwidgeon

    swaro 15X56 SLC or Vortex Kaibab

    Swaro's make dudes swear bulls are 370 when they turn out to be 330... I say buy Leica's, that way you won't big eye everything. Bret Mattausch.
  15. bullwidgeon

    If you are serious...

    If you really are a serious Coues hunter you have pictures of your own bad 3 year old self holding up the rack of the 82nd biggest coues buck your family killed that year. If you are not serious, well then, you have no pictures of yourself holding up a 90 inch weener buck, or any other Coues buck when you were 3 or 4 years old.... Bret M.