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  1. trophymaster


    Eberlestock Just One Pack, Like new, no rips, no tears, all zippers and buckles work...$150 FTF no shipping Located in Flagstaff, will be traveling to Mesa tomorrow and over Thanksgiving also if someone wants to meet up.
  2. trophymaster

    H110 and other powders

    I'll take the 4831sc sent you a pm
  3. trophymaster

    Over the counter tags

    Times change and the game and fish need to realize that and the OTC tags need to go to a draw. Look at Colorado and Utah both have 2 - 3 times the deer we have and all their hunts are a draw, including archery. Their 20% harvest logic is ridiculous too, as they don't know how many deer are actually being killed
  4. trophymaster

    Sold please delete

    Realized still have these in the safe TTT
  5. trophymaster

    Sold please delete

    PM's answered/still available
  6. trophymaster

    Sold please delete

    Athlon Midas BTR 4-27x50 used for 1 season, glass is perfect, no ring marks, had on a 6.5x284 tracked flawlessly on long range shots $275.00 SOLD Athlon Argos 3-15x40 mounted on 22-250 but never used, glass is perfect, no
  7. trophymaster

    Cabelas Outback Lodge Tent

    Thanks for the replies, still for sale. Great versatile tent, holds up to the elements, plenty of room, etc.
  8. trophymaster

    Cabelas Outback Lodge Tent

    Used only 2 times, have a floor liner for it. 12x12 model , $200 Located in Flagstaff Nine 2 Eight 853 - one 4 one 5
  9. trophymaster

    22-250 Coyote Killer

    Interarms Mark X 22-250, Mauser action, Timney trigger. Have a .5" load for it. $300 Located in Flagstaff 928 - Eight Five 3 - 1four1five
  10. trophymaster

    Athlon Midas BTR Riflescope Super Sale

    Smoking price on a good scope. I have the 4.5-27 MOA on top of my 6.5x284. Much clearer than the vortex vipers and tracks on par
  11. trophymaster

    22-250 loads

    I tried a number of bullets and powders in my 22-250 in the 50gr range, reached out to Lance for some insight and kept playing with it and my gun just didn't like the 50gr and above bullets. Granted it would shot moa which was fine for killing coyotes, etc. but wanted to see if I could do better. I ended up with a 45gr Sierra Spitzer and Benchmark powder, to get in the .5 MOA range.
  12. trophymaster

    Pink pse fever

    PM Sent
  13. trophymaster

    7 West Archery Bull roll call

    I'll be there 9/13-9/28, we have 6 tags in camp
  14. trophymaster

    Bino Harness - looking for recommendations

    What size did you get? Mine is medium. Fits a little snug but they fit. I got the medium, binos fit in the case but they were too long so the lid wouldn't latch, I like to keep my lens covers on, so without them they may have fit
  15. trophymaster

    Mathews Ultra 2