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  1. win71

    How is YOUR coldbore?

    I agree with all of what you wrote. Dan
  2. win71

    Wind Meter

    Kestrel Dan
  3. win71

    Fall on the Peaks

    Really nice photos you are really good at photography. Dan
  4. win71

    Super Bonus Point

    Nope just buy some more new trucks dan
  5. win71

    Super Bonus Point

    Instead how about a bird watchers or wildlife watchers or hikers or all of those activities stamp. Hunters already pay enough. Dan
  6. win71

    Sig Sauer BDX

    Have never used any of the range-finding automatic reticle adjusting rifle scopes. Legal to hunt with but B&C considers unethical and bars your trophy from entry. Very much like the Burris unit. Dan
  7. win71

    WTB: SAKO Rifle

    Have 222 and 222Remington Magnum if your looking for the little ones. Dan
  8. win71

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    Straight 4X no need for variable or more power for what your doing. Dan
  9. Go away KC Blow that nose and wipe those eyes. Stop worrying about everyone else. Dan