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  1. Cloninger

    Wildlife Diaster Network

    In California there are 4 authorized facilities for the medical treatment, care for and rehabilitation of wildlife caught in a disaster. The one I support is Gold Country Wildlife Rescue. Gold Country Wildlife Rescue(GCWR) is a member organization of the Wildlife Disaster Network (WDN). We provide our services, facilities, and expertise to both support and provide acute medical and rehabilitative care to the wildlife victims of a disaster. The WDN is a network of volunteer veterinarians, biologists, and wildlife rehabilitation specialists coordinated under the leadership of the University of California Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife(CDFW) to assist with the search, rescue, and care of wildlife injured in disaster zones. The WDN volunteer veterinarians donate their time and some of the medications and bandages, and GCWR provides the additional resources to support the overall treatment and care of these animals as part of our mission to support their successful return to the wild. Generally, as the wildlife rescued by WDN volunteers are victims of disasters that occur in Northern California, WDN veterinarians will coordinate with CDFW and the Incident Command of a disaster to determine a search and rescue strategy as well as the appropriate rehabilitation facility for treatment and care. CDFW and/or a WDN volunteer veterinarian will contact GCWR to coordinate the transport of an animal to our facility. Ultimately it is CDFW that approves and determines where to send the wildlife for medical and rehabilitative care. We are permitted by CDFW and US Fish and Wildlife Service to provide wildlife rehabilitative care. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF SIMILAR ORGANIZATIONS IN THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Jim
  2. Cloninger

    New Mexico Wildfires

    shoot, by the end of July it will be burning in Mexico!
  3. Cloninger

    New Mexico Wildfires

    305,000 acres. Now 2nd largest wildfire in New Mexico history. The entire Black Range has been scorched. NMG&F is removing Gila trout from Diamond Creek.
  4. Cloninger

    Gas Prices, how high will they go?

    $8.05 per gallon for regular in Los Angeles!
  5. Cloninger

    New Mexico Wildfires

    It does not look good. Already 247,000 acres burned and only 28% contained.
  6. Cloninger

    New Mexico Wildfires

    The Black wildfire in the Aldo Leopold Wilderness of the Black Range is devastating. I have hunted out of Winston, NM, which is threatened by the fire. I was planning another hunt this coming winter in the Black Range. Jim
  7. Cloninger

    Lion Rug Mounting

    I have not killed a lion yet, but killed a cininmon colored black bear that squared 7 feet in New Mexico. I had the taxidermist line the rawhide side with a thin layer if leather. The leather on the back side does not show, only the bear's fur. I like this much netter than having it mounted on felt. Looks more realistic. Jim
  8. Cloninger


    Who took the pictures?
  9. Cloninger

    New Mexico Wildfires

    PRDATR, I am not referring to the "media" news outlets. This information comes directly from the commander that is in charge of putting out the wildfire. There is lots of up to date information: Daily updates on the wildfire, daily map updates, daily evacuation information, pictures and videos of the wildfire. Real time information on the progression of the wildfire. All wildfires in the US are listed in the table view at the bottom of the page. Click on the wildfire in the table you are interested in and you will get all this information. Nothing second hand. Jim PS - In the matter of a couple of days Texas had about 10 wildfires start!
  10. Cloninger


    AZLance, where did your photos come from? Jim
  11. Cloninger

    New Mexico Wildfires

    Well, my copy and paste did not format the way I had it set up! I think you can still get the information. The INCIWEB lists all wildfires in the US. Check it out. Jim
  12. Cloninger

    New Mexico Wildfires

    New Mexico has been hit with several huge wildfires. Cerro Pelado Wildfire New Mexico, USA 45605 Acres 9 min. ago start date 4/22/22 contained 81% Black Fire Wildfire New Mexico, USA 130224 Acres 11 min. ago 5/13/22 6% Calf Canyon Wildfire New Mexico, USA 310016 Acres 14 min. ago 5/1922 40% Hermits Peak Fire Wildfire New Mexico, USA 310016 Acres 14 min. ago 5/6/22 40% Mesquite Heat Fire Wildfire Texas, USA 11256 Acres 15 min. ago Simms Wildfire Colorado, USA 373 Acres 1:44 hrs. ago Bear Trap Fire Wildfire New Mexico, USA 23043 Acres 3 hrs. ago 5/1/22 28% For updated information go to: INCIWEB WILDFIRES. then click on fire incidents reporting.
  13. Cloninger


    Do you think the border fence is prohibiting wildlife from crossing back and fourth between Mexico and the US?
  14. Cloninger


    What do you think about the Defenders of Wildlife group naming Jaguars they get pictures of on trail cameras? I am totally against this - you do not name wild animals. Once an an animal is named it is no longer wild. If a study is being conducted, letters and numbers MUST be used to distingwish individuals.
  15. Cloninger


    Superstion, Santa Rita, Puecello(sp) and a cople of others.