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  1. massamino

    The Oil City Derrick

    Oil City is a long way from the Mexican boarder! I grew up in Warren and all my family still lives there to this day. Oil City and Pleasantville were just down the road. That's a long road trip for a stink pig.
  2. I am looking to buy a Ruger Single Six Convertible revolver or any of the Ruger Revolvers in .22wmr. Please send me a PM through the site.
  3. massamino

    Dove Breast Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

    Look up the dove breast "Atomic Buffalo Turd" recipe on Youtube. They taste great and people will eat them as fast as you can get them off the grill.
  4. massamino

    2015 House Rock Buffalo Hunt

    What did you use to store the meat after field processing? How long did it take to quarter up/cape and how many guys helped out? Are you getting any shoulder mount or rug done?
  5. massamino

    Turned Buck into Carving

    That's some good work!
  6. massamino

    Backpacking sleeping bags!

    The quilts have a adjustable foot box and straps for your pad so it doesn't slide around. The sides tuck under you which cut down draft. Go visit Rokslide and research quilts. Most hardcore backpack hunters have gone to quilts to save weight.
  7. massamino

    2015 House Rock Buffalo Hunt

    Congrats on the buff! That is some persistence and I'm glad you were rewarded. I will be heading up in a few weeks for the summer hunt. Sound like its going to be a tough one.
  8. massamino

    Backpacking sleeping bags!

    Check out the Enlightened Equipment quilts. I have the Revolution 30 and it weighs under a pound. This thing compresses down smaller than a football. Run it with a good thermal pad and your good to go and can save at least a pound in your pack. They offer garage sale items that will save you some coin because they are pricey.
  9. massamino

    let's hear about your packs!!!

    I picked up a Barney's freighter pack last year. The thing is bomb proof and they have been the go-to pack for guides in Alaska for years. It has the Pinnacle Kevlar bag that you can carry a small house inside. Only downside is the starting weight is 7 lbs with the meat shelf and top bar removed. Very comfortable and a work horse.
  10. massamino

    Junior Turkey Success

    Just awesome! Best hunt to get the kiddos hooked on hunting. I wish they would have had this growing up in PA.
  11. massamino

    Leftover list is available.

    I think my 5A general antlerless leftover tag (3810) is in late October. From what I gather so far, this is more than likely limited to the East/West Sunset area. Does any have any experience with this area and a idea of elk numbers at that time of the season? I assume the numbers are low since it is a limited opportunity hunt.
  12. massamino

    Leftover list is available.

    Found out I drew a 5A Hopi antlerless tag! Does anyone have any past experiences with this hunt? Any elk tag is worth it, but I know this is going to be a tough one to fill. I'm just happy I'll be hunting elk and buffalo in the same year
  13. massamino

    Leftover list is available.

    Does AZ Game and Fish cash the money orders for leftover applications when not drawn? If not, what is the process of getting your money back from an uncashed money order?
  14. massamino

    H.R. 1443

    Does anyone know when this will come into play if passed? I have a tag for July 3rd but I doubt that will influence my hunt. Too bad, that would be awesome if they were open game on the National Park.
  15. You deserve all of the great fortune. You have helped out many on this site and it's good to see it come back to you in return. Good luck with everything!