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  1. coueshunter

    antler chandelier

    Yeah Critter that one is a bit too large for the area we are putting it. Maybe something like 3' diameter by 2' high?? Thanks everyone. Allen.
  2. coueshunter

    antler chandelier

    I am looking for a small (real antler) chandelier sp? anybody selling them on here? text or call me at 480-258-3726 Allen Taylor
  3. coueshunter

    Arizona Elk Society Banquet

    was a great banquet. The AZ elk tag went for $235,000.00. Alot of money raised last night for Arizona Conservation. Thanks to all that came. P.S. the Coueswhitetail advertisement in the Banquet program really looked great. Thanks Amanda......Allen.
  4. coueshunter

    cleaning out guns/gear

    Big Browns, text/email me if you want the Mec 9000. 480-258-3726
  5. coueshunter

    cleaning out guns/gear

    nobody interested?
  6. coueshunter

    cleaning out guns/gear

    I have a bunch of stuff I want to sell to just "clean up" MEC re-loader 28 guage P/N 9000G28 $325.00 Browning .28 guage BPS Field Model great condition $600.00 Winchester model 70 Serial number 26110 Made in 1940 .270 great condition. $1,600.00 Weatherby 7mag (not remington) leupold 3x9 vari X II scope. Made in Japan. $900.00 Text/call me at 480-258-3726 I can send pictures or if needed someone can walk me through posting on here. I have posted very fair prices, no low balling, not needing money that bad. Allen Taylor
  7. Hope to see some other CW members there. I can only make saturday, but am looking forward to this. Allen.
  8. coueshunter

    ** updated ** Prayers for a Brothers son

    Prayers sent for the whole family.
  9. coueshunter


    2015 is here and AES along with other partners is putting on Junior hunting and outdoor skills camps to introduce the youth to the outdoors. We really could use some mentors for these Kids, make it a PRIORITY to get involved and be a mentor. Our first camp is in unit 37B near Florence and we could use some mentors. There is another AES camp in April that we could use your help with. Come on and lets see how many Coueswhitetail members can give a little to Arizona Wildlife Conservation (I know alot of you guys do already). Thanks. Allen Taylor
  10. coueshunter

    Arizona elk society questions

    Lance and others, I would be happy to get you on an email list to be notified about meeting etc. As Amanda mentioned, there is info under the Conservation Group section, but any way I can increase volunteerism is fine by me. Anyone who would be willing to help out in any way can email me at allen@efiltration.net or call me and leave a message. cell #480-258-3726. We have the banquet meetings going on right now and I can send the schedule out to you. AES would love to get more people involved, so again I invite anyone to get ahold of me and I will hook you up with AES. Thanks. Allen Taylor
  11. coueshunter

    Arizona elk society questions

    I was right in front of you with the long sleeve black shirt. Wish I would have known but at least we know now and this next meeting wed 14th we will talk it up. Thanks for being there. Allen.
  12. coueshunter

    Arizona elk society questions

    AES is a premier conservation group for Arizona. Specifically on wolves, they have been in the fight against the federal government for years. Steve Clark-president has worked with all the conservation groups, cattle growers and AZGFD to try and keep the Feds from pushing their agenda down our throats. All conservation groups need our help and AES would be a great one to donate a bit of time to. I was at last nights meeting and there was about 15 people there. AES could really use some more bodies to help with the preparation for the banquet as well as many of the work projects they sponsor. Please accept this as your "invitation" to help out in any way you can. Whether that is in the field work projects or the banquet or dollar donations. Just know that AES is a wonderful conservation group that really looks out for Arizona sportspeople. Thanks. Allen Taylor
  13. coueshunter

    Had a Successful Year of Hunting

    great year for you. Congratulations. Allen.
  14. coueshunter

    Prayers for Ernesto

    Prayers sent and I will continue to pray. Trust God Ernesto. Allen.
  15. coueshunter

    Bigger Than Last Year?

    great job to all of you. Fantastic buck. congrats. Allen.