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  1. kybuckboyjr

    5bs Turkey Frustrations

    Hello Guys, In March I was up in Starlite Pines scouting for my father's April turkey hunt. I located Turkey a mile north of Starlite Pines and east of Jacks's Canyon. I also located turkey in 2 different places of off forest rd. 211 and 82. Came back to the cabin Friday, April 17th to spend the week prior relocating the turkey we found in March and scout some new areas near todd draw, mclure lake and clints tank. I scouted everyday until the hunt began April 24th. In all this time I have not been able to locate or hear any birds at all in the areas where I focused my attention. From what I have researched and read from other hunters in other units. The birds seem to have strut early and/or have henned up already so they are not being vocal. Also hens are being said to be nested already. I have 3 days left to help my father locate some birds and hopefully land one. But at this point we would be happy just locating and seeing that there are still Turkey in the area. I saw one funny post somewhere that said game and fish forgot to stock the turkey this year in so and so unit they were hunting. lol Anyway, any advice on where these birds we found in March may have gone would be great. I thin ing of maybe moving to higher elevation, 7500 -8500 ft might produce better luck in locating the birds but not sure how far these we found would travel to get that high up or could they actually be deep in Jack's canyon. Let me know what you think. Right now I am stumped. Kentucky farm turkey are much easier to hunt!!!! This hunt has been tough and discouraging
  2. kybuckboyjr

    Late Nov. Elk 5B

    Sorry if I came across as e-scouting as that was not my intention. My intention was to invite anyone with experience or knowledge that might want to tag along with us on the hunt to assist. I guess I should have proof read my post closer before submitting. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  3. kybuckboyjr

    Late Nov. Elk 5B

    My 74 year old father drew late nov rifle bull elk. Anyone interested with knowledge of the unit and experience that is bored sitting at home and would like to come out and tag along and assist us on this hunt would be greatly appreciated. We are concentrating more in 5bsouth as he has a place in Starlite Pines. I have an idea of where we want to hunt in the unit for starters and realize this is going to be a rough and tough time of the year to hunt. We are both a bit inexperienced in the elk hunting as we usually hunt the early and late season archery for deer. I should have been out a long time ago scouting since I do have summers off. But my wife's uncle's farm in Tennessee was calling out my name for a long visit to relax, cut hay, fish, and float trips in the canoe. Also as a hs baseball coach fall baseball has had me busy up till now. All weekends from here on out will be spent up north scouting. I was up this past weekend scouting. But ended up assisting a fellow hunter whom had gotten his truck stuck and popped his timing belt trying to get it out before we stumbled across him. That surprise snow made for very muddy and poor conditions with more rain threatening. Well Not sure how far the old man can hike. But give him time to catch his breath from time to time and he can go quiet a ways. He is in pretty decent shape for a 74 year old. Send me a pm if interested in helping out and I will share what I know or think I know so far. Thanks in advance
  4. kybuckboyjr

    Where Oh Where?

    Guess I should bring a pillow or some sort of silencer on the muzzle before I shoot the quail as to not disturb the deer!! HAHA I usually don't hunt the quail in the areas that I intend to scout for deer but that does not mean someone else has not been in there before me. I have been finding lots of spent casings all over. But on another note, thanks for the reassurance from the sightings some of you have had in your visits out there. I definitely have been focusing on the areas that I have located water sources but still not seeing anything. Now that the rain is coming I guess the tactics could change for huntinng this season unless the ground is so dry it sucks the surface water up immediately fast. I'll definitely be checking on the springs to see if any have started flowing again. Happy Hunting and thanks.
  5. kybuckboyjr

    Where Oh Where?

    Where Oh Where could the DEER have all gone? I've been out scoooouuuuuuttttinnnng all the month long? Scene many of wildlife like coyote's, and quail!!! But you upped and l left the area for 2009/2010 late archery. O.K. I am not a song writer but it was an attempt. I have been late archery hunting in 24B behind Queen Valley for the past 4 years and have found a couple nice pockets that have been holding both mule and coues deer as well as Javelina (i saw them today). This year however, I have just been stumped. I have been out quail hunting in there since the season opened and the hunting has not been very good. The birds are there just not as many as past years. Deer on the other hand have just been nonexistent!!!! I have been out hunting quail or scouting for deer every weekend but two since quail season opened. I have not jumped or even seen a deer at all this year! There has been plenty of tracks and droppings (some seem fresh, within a day or so) but no deer sightings. I know the deer population is very scarce out there but not seeing even one has got me just pulling my hair out. My feet hurt and my butt is sore from all the walking and glassing. Any advice, tips or suggestions. Am i missing something? I have even sat water and nothing!! Can't wait for next weekend! Deer or not I will be out there trying to figure it all out!
  6. Was scouting and quail hunting yesterday and glassed up a lost bird dog (white with redish brown markings and orange collar, possible e-collar) We were back off Hewitt Station road. FS172 at Millsite Canyon. We tried to call him up but he was not having anything to do with us. The dog scampered off into the wash headed toward the quail spring. If this could be your dog please send me a pm and I will reply with my cell number! I was out again today but no sign of the dog.
  7. kybuckboyjr

    weather, deer movement?

    Took the advice of one and searched some areas that had smaller bowl shaped draws that protected them from the wind. Man, was it howing. It worked. I found one muley buck laying wide open in the bottom with a doe about 20 yards up the south side of the mtn. I had walked up on them from behind accidently. Decent buck but he was young so I let him go. Hour later I walked around the side of a Mtn that I always find does bedding. And guess what there they were and only after I spooked them. 8 does and no bucks. I followed them around to the other side headed to where I saw my first deer earlier. I stopped glassed real quick on a Mtn side that was about a 1/4 mile away. WOW, there he was, not a WT but a huge bodied muley with a 3X3 rack. Picked out my route and off i went. 3 hours later I am on his Mtn reach the top and start glassing from down the hill from what was suppose to be above and behind him. NOTHING, guess he is gone. So I sit down to take a breather and there he is behind me on the next hillside looking right at me and had 2 does with him. Turned out I walked up the backside of the wrong hill!!! Go figure. But it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the advice
  8. Current conditions, Full Moon, Cloudy days, rain approaching and cooler temps! With a full moon but covered up by the clouds mixed with cooler temps, do you think the deer will move about the same or more during the daylight hours or will they still remain in their same movement patterns as if there were a full moon with no cloudy cover? Confused, Me too. Next question, in kentucky when there was rain in the daylight hours deer would layup and not move as much. Do the deer react the same in AZ. O.K. O.K. Short version of my Question. How will the current weather conditions and moon affect the deer movement? I am hunting 24B and saw absolutely nothing this morning so far, not even a quail, bunny or tweety bird. I guess I should also ask myself: What the heck am i doing sitting on this mountain carrying my computer with me as I hunt. Work should stay at work not the field right. But you do what you gotta do I guess. HAPPY HUNTING. GOOD Luck everyone!
  9. kybuckboyjr

    Unit 23 Late Archery

    sent you a pm.
  10. A BIG at a BOY or Girl to all those that have had success this season. I myself missed a decent 2 x 3 opening morning but killed that 3 inch pine sapling dead center behind him. Well anyway, I have taken a couple of trips out to Roger's Trough, Reavis Ranch, and Frog Tanks trailheads for some R&R hiking and visit the Indian Ruins. While on these hikes I've taken my bino's to glass the hills and have spotted a couple of deer here and there but no bucks. My questions would be: Is this area heavily saturated with hunters since it is so close to the se valley? Is this area saturated with hikers that time of the year that would spoil a hunt. Have any of you had any success or know of anyone that has had any recent success hunting this area? Has anyone ever done a backpacking hunt in them there hills? I am not looking for any honey holes or specific locations to hunt. . I am just wondering if it is worth my time to investigate further. I will take a guess that the deer density is really low however. Happy Hunting