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    Teaching Physical Education to Jr High students:; Teaching my kids about the outdoors; Coaching Interscholastic Sports, especially baseball; hunting, camping, traveling, archery, hiking, backpacking

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My father first took me hunting when I was 5 years old in Mississppi. It was my first dove hunt. Since then I have enjoyed hunting all my life especially bowhunting. I moved to AZ 8 years ago and have bird hunted every year since living here. 2 years ago I bought a new bow and got back into bowhunting. Bowhunting has been and still is a learning experience for me in AZ. It is so different from my treestand sitting days back home in KY. Hopefully someday my hunting path will cross with other members of this awesome site. Now i need to go so that I can order my window sticker to show my support.


Happy Hunting

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