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  1. Haha got in a hurry!
  2. Take a listen if you have any opinions of the proposed trail camera ban in AZ. Here's some links to listen. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/arizona-game-fish-commission-discussing-decision-to/id1543788045?i=1000503763500 https://bloodorigins.org/podcasts-partners/ Arizona Game And Fish Commission – Discussing The Decision To Ban Trail Cameras Blood Origins Podcast-Episode 9 The Arizona Game And Fish Commission recently decided to propose a ruling to ban the use of trail cameras for the take of the state’s wildlife. Robbie invited the Chairman and one Commissioner of the AZGFD and asks the questions everyone wants to ask around the topic, including its implications on hunters’ choice, fair chase and more - leaving no stone unturned
  3. Does anyone know the rules around shooting deer from a watercraft in New Mexico? I’ve scoured the regs and can find anything that prohibits it. Only thing I found was regarding waterfowl
  4. Sundevils79

    Unit 27 packing help?

    +1 for Andy. Used him to get a bull out in muzzy hunt. Great guy and good animals.
  5. Sundevils79

    Unit 27 packing help?

    I can't recommend Andy Szoke out of Nutrioso enough. He helped me this past muzzy bull hunt get a bull out. Great animals and prices. 928-339-1989 home 928-812-0873 cell
  6. Family is growing so going to need a bigger trailer. We are the 2nd owners of this trailer and it has been a great rig. Lots of storage and sleeps 4 adults comfortably. Has a great layout with queen bed in the front. Everything works good and no issues. *Comes with stabilizer hitch and sway bar *Unloaded weight is 4325lbs and pulls great with 1/2 ton. *front and rear mechanical stabilizers. *Super easy to set up. Usually takes me about 15 minutes to drop and set-up. *Cold AC and warm heater *Never lived in and only used a few times a year for camping and hunts. *All the tires have been replaced in past 2 years with a brand new spare. (comes with tire covers) *Outdoor shower *AM/FM/CD player *Solar panel on roof for battery charging *Awning *Clean title Like I said with another little one on the way we just need something bigger otherwise I'd keep it. Asking $5500 obo. No financing and prefer cash. Located in Tucson. Call or Text 520-429-6113
  7. Sundevils79

    Muzzleloader Help

    I have not seen Pydrodex or Triple7 pellets in the .54 cal 60gr for quite a few years. I also have a .54 Knight that I used to shoot them out of but have switch back to loose powder. I am currently shooting the Blackhorn 209 powder in my .50 cal T/C and love it. It shoots much cleaner than the triple7 or pyrodex. It's a little more expensive but worth it IMO. As mentioned above with a good speed loader you're not saving that much time. I really like the Thomson Center loaders but I don't think they come in .54 cal. CVA makes one that works well especially with sabots. You can get them for $5 at cabelas.
  8. Sundevils79

    Past Leftover Deer Lists

    2015 leftovers-fall.pdf
  9. Sundevils79

    AZ Game and Fish fall draw

    yep...right when I go to pay
  10. Sundevils79

    Javelina: Field Care

    1 javelina = Approx. 200 tamales.
  11. Sundevils79


    just got a pic of a nice 6x6 out of 27....
  12. Sundevils79


    I hunted up there in November on the east side and the only turkeys I saw were down low in the burn.
  13. Sundevils79

    Game Management Units overlays for Google Earth

    I dont this this allows you to export the overlays into Google Earth. I am looking for the .kml files that can be opened in Google Earth and overlay.