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  1. Does anyone know the rules around shooting deer from a watercraft in New Mexico? I’ve scoured the regs and can find anything that prohibits it. Only thing I found was regarding waterfowl
  2. Sundevils79

    Unit 27 packing help?

    +1 for Andy. Used him to get a bull out in muzzy hunt. Great guy and good animals.
  3. Sundevils79

    Unit 27 packing help?

    I can't recommend Andy Szoke out of Nutrioso enough. He helped me this past muzzy bull hunt get a bull out. Great animals and prices. 928-339-1989 home 928-812-0873 cell
  4. Family is growing so going to need a bigger trailer. We are the 2nd owners of this trailer and it has been a great rig. Lots of storage and sleeps 4 adults comfortably. Has a great layout with queen bed in the front. Everything works good and no issues. *Comes with stabilizer hitch and sway bar *Unloaded weight is 4325lbs and pulls great with 1/2 ton. *front and rear mechanical stabilizers. *Super easy to set up. Usually takes me about 15 minutes to drop and set-up. *Cold AC and warm heater *Never lived in and only used a few times a year for camping and hunts. *All the tires have been replaced in past 2 years with a brand new spare. (comes with tire covers) *Outdoor shower *AM/FM/CD player *Solar panel on roof for battery charging *Awning *Clean title Like I said with another little one on the way we just need something bigger otherwise I'd keep it. Asking $5500 obo. No financing and prefer cash. Located in Tucson. Call or Text 520-429-6113
  5. Sundevils79

    Muzzleloader Help

    I have not seen Pydrodex or Triple7 pellets in the .54 cal 60gr for quite a few years. I also have a .54 Knight that I used to shoot them out of but have switch back to loose powder. I am currently shooting the Blackhorn 209 powder in my .50 cal T/C and love it. It shoots much cleaner than the triple7 or pyrodex. It's a little more expensive but worth it IMO. As mentioned above with a good speed loader you're not saving that much time. I really like the Thomson Center loaders but I don't think they come in .54 cal. CVA makes one that works well especially with sabots. You can get them for $5 at cabelas.
  6. Sundevils79

    Past Leftover Deer Lists

    2015 leftovers-fall.pdf
  7. Sundevils79

    AZ Game and Fish fall draw

    yep...right when I go to pay
  8. Sundevils79

    Javelina: Field Care

    1 javelina = Approx. 200 tamales.
  9. Sundevils79


    just got a pic of a nice 6x6 out of 27....
  10. Sundevils79


    I hunted up there in November on the east side and the only turkeys I saw were down low in the burn.
  11. Sundevils79

    Game Management Units overlays for Google Earth

    I dont this this allows you to export the overlays into Google Earth. I am looking for the .kml files that can be opened in Google Earth and overlay.
  12. Does anyone know where I can download the Arizoan Game Managment Unit file to overlay them on Google Earth? I have found the .kml file online in the past for free but can't seem to locate them now. Thanks
  13. Sundevils79

    Thompson Center Omega .50 cal